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Stretching: the benefits and contraindications of stretching exercises

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Stretching: the benefits and contraindications of stretching exercises

The contents

  • Stretching — exercises for men and women
  • The types of stretching
  • How exercises affect the body?
  • Contraindications to the fitness classes, stretching
  • How to do effective stretching exercise?

Stretching is a exercise that develops the flexibility of joints and elasticity of muscles. This kind of fitness can be used as a recreational gymnastics or to include in the program of training athletes who need to have a good stretch. The benefit of stretching is confirmed by numerous research scientists, recognized by coaches and sports doctors.

This article is about the positive impact and potential harm of stretching how to correctly perform exercises for flexibility and stretching, and can I lose weight using this type of fitness.

Stretching — exercises for men and women

Age-related changes in the body often have a negative impact on the flexibility and mobility of joints, elasticity of muscles. This in turn reduces the quality of human life. Simple movements can cause discomfort in the muscles and joint pain. Gymnastic stretching exercises will strengthen the ligaments and joints, stretched muscles, and, consequently, increase physical activity and facilitate everyday life.

Regular stretching is a good preventive cure for arthritis, spine, osteoarthritis, back problems. Effective exercises this kind of fitness provide the following positive effects on the body:

  • improve blood circulation;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • put in order a hormonal background;
  • normalize blood pressure;
  • develop coordination of movements;
  • help to deal with stress and psychological problems;
  • increase efficiency;
  • restore correct posture;
  • speed up the metabolism.

During the execution of gymnastic exercises, the muscles alternately tense and relax, allowing you to activate them in the processes of recuperation and muscle tissue.

A great benefit of stretching brings girls and women. A set of stretching exercises improves blood circulation in the pelvic area, helps to better tolerate the painful symptoms of PMS, increases libido. Men are encouraged to engage in stretching for stimulate the adrenal gland, increasing the production of body testosterone, the prevention of prostatitis.

Physical exercises on flexibility and stretching will help to support youth and active lifestyle for many years, strengthening all body systems naturally.

The types of stretching

To do the stretching by yourself, with a partner, in a group, at home or in the gym. There are several areas of fitness, differing methods of dispensing the load on the muscles.

  • Static.

This is the traditional stretching, which usually finish training all athletes, relieving tension from the muscles. His exercises are a posture for stretching the muscles, which are held in a static position for about 30 seconds, then the load slowly reduced.

  • Dynamic.

All gymnastic elements beginning with springy movements. Only then adopted a static posture for a few seconds.

  • Ballistic.

Stretching the muscles and improve flexibility of joints and make use of the swing movements and inclinations of the body, performed with a high amplitude.

  • PNF.

This preventive and curative stretching, which is recommended to do after operations on the muscles or joints, and to restore the mobility of the body after injury. The dynamic part of a fitness exercise takes 5-6 seconds, moving into the phase of the static stretch for 10 seconds.

  • Active-isolated.

In this case, the muscle you want to stretch is in a static position, and the main work is with the opposite muskulaturnoy area. Each gymnastic element should be repeated 10-12 times.

  • With a partner.

Stretching muscles with the help of a partner. This type of stretching often used to study tight large muscles.

  • Aerotrekking.

Most exercises of this complex runs with the use of canvas hammocks that are in limbo.

To improve the effectiveness of the lesson in one workout you can combine several types of stretch marks. But since all people have different body weight, level of fitness, genetic flexibility, some types of this fitnesseroot someone not to approach. So you need to choose those exercises which will be most comfortable and painless.

How exercises affect the body?

Stretching has a positive effect on the human body in 4 directions at once:

  • reduces the amount of fatty tissue in problem areas;
  • strengthens muscles, improving your posture;
  • gives tone to all the muscles of the muscular frame;
  • generates relief muscle, making the figure more beautiful.

Through fitness stretching you can fight cellulite. After all, its main cause is the accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous layer. Stretching helps to improve lymph flow and to normalize blood circulation in the target area.

Constantly engaged in stretching, you can make your figure slim and beautiful in a short time. Encouraged to include stretching in weights and cardio training, as a means of restoring the muscles and improving joint mobility.

Contraindications to the fitness classes, stretching

Stretching refers to generic types of fitness that can be practiced at any age, and even with a weak physical training. However, there are such exercises and a number of contraindications:

  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • unhealed injuries of bones, joints and muscles;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels with increased risk of thrombosis;
  • a high body temperature.

During pregnancy, women should not abandon stretching. We just need to limit yourself to movements that can compress the internal organs, or provoke uterine tone.

How to do effective stretching exercise?

Since the improper execution of stretching exercises and flexibility can lead to injury, to be done carefully, observing the following rules.

  • The basic complex of exercises should be preceded by a warm-up for 10-15 minutes.
  • All gymnastic elements are performed without jerks, smoothly.
  • Stretching of muscles should be done on the exhalation.
  • The muscles in the stretched condition hold 10-20 seconds. As training is a time increase.
  • To suffer from severe pain during a workout is impossible. Valid only experience slight discomfort in the muscles.
  • To do the stretching at least 3 times a week.
  • Do not force the training. The load on the muscles should be given gradually and measured. Only in this case, the benefits from exercise will be the maximum.
  • Any fitness will give a positive result if you approach his organization competently, taking into account the recommendations of professional trainers and sports doctors. If you doubt their ability, try to perform the most simple of exercises for flexibility and stretching, and estimate their usefulness for yourself and for your health.

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