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Stretching in the power fitness: simple exercises for flexibility of the muscles

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Stretching in the power fitness: simple exercises for flexibility of the muscles

The contents

  • The importance of stretching for performance base
  • Exercises for flexibility of the spine
  • Stretching exercises the muscles of the legs
  • The nuances of home training

A good stretch is necessary in all sports and in everyday life. Developed flexibility of muscles helps to prevent injuries and to achieve good results in selected fitness direction, promotes greater endurance and rejuvenates the body. Before strength training be sure to warm-up with stretching elements, and there are a lot of reasons.

The importance of stretching for performance base

Good muscle elasticity plays an important role in the process of power training. Many bodybuilders, despite the impressive size of his body, have very developed muscles flexibility. This is because all basic exercises require a good stretch for your proper performance, as well as strength training is based on them, the degree of elasticity of muscles, athletes must be high enough.

Squatting with a barbell is one of the basic exercises, where a good stretch is important:

  • To during exercise deeply seated, require good flexibility in the joints of the feet and adductor muscles of the thighs. This will help to avoid different kinds of injuries and to compensate for the lack of a warm-up before training.
  • An important condition of performing sit-UPS with weights is to keep the back straight, which also requires good stretching of the muscles of the lower back, wrists and shoulders, because they bore some of the load to maintain the flat position of the spine.
  • When performing the bench press the muscle elasticity is important for the following reasons:

  • In position, when the Griffon is as close as possible to the chest to complete the effect, you need to do the so-called “bridge”. It is a large deflection in the lumbar and thoracic spine, which needed a good stretch the back muscles.
  • As to include the shoulder and the latissimus dorsi, it is important to develop flexibility of the wrists, when performing exercises to bend them back.
  • To improve the stretching of the above muscles you can perform the training movements described below.

    Exercises for flexibility of the spine

    Stretching for the spine is important not only when doing power fitness, but also for the overall health of the entire body. Best for this is the exercise “the Bridge”, which can be performed in several ways:

  • Lie on your back, legs bend at the knees, feet and hands tightly abut to the floor, the latter should be placed at the level of your head. Lift your upper body off the floor, trying to hold her back. Reaching a maximum point, prostite in this position as much as you can.
  • Regularly carrying out the previous exercise in a few weeks, you can greatly strengthen the muscles, and gradually you can move on to more advanced it version. To do this, stand with your back to the wall or the wall bars. Tilt the head back and bend at the thoracic spine, palms put on the wall and start slowly and gently down with your hands on the wall, making the bend in the back more and more. Then just gently return to the starting position. Gradually complicate the exercise, falling below, but do this very carefully, because in this case the high risk of occurrence of dizziness.
  • Well when you hone the technique of the previous exercise and can easily fall over the wall to the floor, do the bridge from standing position without the help of the wall.
  • Stretching exercises the muscles of the legs

    Effective strength training requires good flexibility of the leg muscles. This can be achieved with the help of such exercises:

  • Stand straight with feet close together and straighten fully. Lean forward, bringing the chest to the hips and not bending at the knees. Hands grasp the ankle and gently attract torso closer and closer to the feet.
  • Find a stable support, stand up to face her and holding her two hands, start slowly with your legs on the sides. Do it as long as you are comfortable, avoiding pain in the joints and ligaments.
  • The nuances of home training

    To perform exercises for development of flexibility of muscles and joints is possible and in house conditions, because it does not require special tools. The most important thing in these sessions is the ability to feel your body to observe a measure of exertion and conduct a thorough warm-up.

    Other important aspects of home training are:

    • Preparation of joints and ligaments.

    If you are too weak, that the slightest unusual loads can cause injury. To strengthen them, it is important to eat the necessary nutrients and vitamins, and is very easy to increase the load.

    • The adherence of the day.

    This is an important point in the success of training. Have in mind that Wake up, eat and go to sleep, should at the same time. It is necessary to sleep not less than seven hours a day and eat only healthy foods. In addition, it is also useful to carry out the training at the same time, which will allow you to conveniently fit it into your daily schedule and make an integral part of life.

    Although home workouts and special equipment is not required, for ease of stretching you can get a climbing wall, a yoga Mat and the supports that are in the gym for pushups. Clothing for training should be made of an elastic material and do not restrict your movements and shoes it is advisable to purchase non-slip. For example, for lessons good tank top, leggings and ballet Slippers, all must be chosen strictly according to your size.

    Perform stretching exercises every day, even in the presence of delayed onset muscle soreness, however it is necessary to load the muscles moderately and not to engage in through the pain. To reduce pain after stretching it is recommended to go for a massage or take a warm bath. Such procedures help muscles to relax and expedite the recovery process.

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