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Stretching for women

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Stretching for women

Stretching is a type of aerobics. It involves exercises aimed at stretching, suitable for almost everyone. Only required each day to do them.

Such training has multiple effects:

  • Relieve the pain provoked by nervous overexertion and stressful situations;
  • Stimulate the circulation of lymph and blood circulation;
  • Slow down the aging;
  • Reduce mental stress and tension;
  • To maintain the elasticity of muscle mass.
  • Improve posture and make the body more flexible.
  • Restore muscle when returning from cuts in the normal state.

Features stretching

Like fitness, like other types of exercise has some features:

  • Should not be stretching to pain;
  • It is desirable to carry out such workout loads.
  • You should not bounce. However, it is important to keep the body in the desired position.
  • Proper breathing is the key to successful training. Not to do a quick exhale, but the breath is a mistake. During exercise the breathing should remain calm. During a break, you take a deep breath and exhale.

Interestingly, the experiments proved the increase of productivity by a quarter during exercise in pairs.

The basic exercises and contraindications to training

There are several basic stretching exercises:

  • Hands reach up, while lifting the shoulders along with chest.
  • Bending your knees need to bend down and touch hands to floor. After straightening the knees should be bend back. Next, bend the legs again, returning to the initial position.
  • The hands placed behind, hands clasped. Need plunging the stomach to produce a forward bend as low as possible.

With regard to contraindications, such fitness for women is allowed to all who are admitted to General physical exercise.

Stretching differences from other types of aerobics

Stretching is the Eastern direction of aerobics. It is used in martial arts and yoga. Also this set of exercises is part of health-improving gymnastics. Anti-cellulite program that includes stretching, is part of the training programs of athletes in many sports.

Muscles recover, do not strain, reduced fatigue. All this thanks to the alternation of short-term stress and relaxation of muscles.

Exercises very close to the morning stretching, which feels so good.

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