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Stretching for the splits: rules and basic exercises

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Stretching for the splits: rules and basic exercises

The contents

  • Stretching for the splits: training rules
  • Warm up before stretching exercises
  • The main set of exercises
  • Exercise “butterfly”
  • Pulling legs up
  • Bending forward with straight legs

Stretching exercises are well known to fitness enthusiasts. They are constantly applied at the stages of warm-up and cool-down, as a supporting element of the training. However, for the development of the degree of flexibility that allows you to do the splits, not enough of the standard exercises for stretching of muscles and ligaments. Will have to make time for full training on the development of flexibility and to train in a special program.

Stretching for the splits: training rules

First you need to learn a few simple rules that make training effective:

  • If the purpose of training is to do the splits, stretching exercises should be performed daily. The flexibility indicators have a tendency to quickly return to the original values if the training is a long break. Even those fitness enthusiasts who have already achieved high levels of flexibility, should systematically support them. Beginners need to practice every day or every two days.
  • Pain when stretching the twine is a natural phenomenon. Greatly improve the flexibility possible only with intense exercise. And to support the intensive mode of operation is impossible without pain. Stretching for the splits is always accompanied by pain. It need to endure, overcome, and move on.
  • When performing stretching exercises, you should be careful not to accidentally injure the muscles and ligaments. Need to stretch slowly and smoothly. Not any pain you can tolerate. Strong cutting pain indicates that exercise becomes unsafe. To get the maximum effect from training, you need to spend on it at least an hour. You must train hard but not to exhaustion. The load level should be increased gradually.
  • Any exercise is best done at the same time. The body gets used to a steady regime of physical activity and pre-configured to work. Stretching is better to do in the evening. In the morning, most people have reduced performance, and muscle are not in the optimal stretching condition. But if necessary you can train in the morning, will have to spend more time to warm-up.
  • To do the stretching you need in the room with comfortable air temperature. The heat active the body responds by sweating and fluid loss, which affects the contractility and elasticity of muscles. But at low temperatures the muscles reflexively tense up, become stiff and difficult to stretching.
  • Training should begin no sooner than two hours after a meal. This is an important rule, which novice fitness enthusiasts often forget. Workouts that are conducted immediately after a meal, accompanied by feelings of heaviness and discomfort in the stomach. They are sluggish and unproductive. The food is poorly digested, and exercises do not give the desired effect.

Warm up before stretching exercises

Stretch into the splits without a thorough warm-up turns into a painful, unsafe and inefficient procedure. Before training you have to do a total workout for the whole body. To warm up you can run or jump rope. Need to run for 10 minutes, first accelerating and then maintaining a steady pace. Jumping rope, you need to keep the rhythm and to make sure that the breath was measured. After a workout you need to get some rest (no longer than a minute) and proceed to the main part of the workout.

The main set of exercises

Best exercise for stretch marks on the string — bending forward with her legs spread. Execution: sit on the fitness Mat and raise the legs as much as possible. Reach hands forward, trying to go chest and stomach on the floor, while the buttocks and feet off the floor not to interrupt. Reaching forward as it should, stop for 3-4 seconds and return to the sitting position. To make at least ten repetitions. Limbs need to breed is so greatly to the groin and legs felt light pain.

Exercise “butterfly”

Sit on your buttocks, bend your knees, press the feet soles to each other and pull them close to the groin area. Try as low as possible to lower your knees to the floor. Bounce legs up and down, repeating this movement for 30-60 seconds. To relax a bit and proceed to the next approach. Approaches can do a lot (at least three). This exercise has not only stretching, but also a revitalizing effect. Yoga pose of the butterfly is used to prevent hernias and varicose veins for improvement of work of organs of small pelvis.

Pulling legs up

Make the standing position. One foot base, the other leg of the clasp over the foot, lift and gently pull. When you do this straighten your leg. In this position, linger for 4-5 seconds. Best to do 2 sets of 5 reps on each leg. The task can be complicated if you fold the leg over the foot and the lower leg. This exercise improves not only stretching legs, but also a sense of balance.

Bending forward with straight legs

The flexibility of the hip joints and hamstrings well develop a deep forward bends. Execution: from a standing position, slowly bend forward and touch the floor with your palms or fingers (as far as flexibility allows). Ideally, if you can put your hands on the floor. Heels stay on the floor. The knees remain straight. In this position, linger for a few seconds, then straighten. Repeat the exercise 10 times. You can perform deep inclinations another way to make a few energetic inclinations at the feet of the three accounts, then on the count of four to get my arms around the ankle, another three accounts to stay in this position for a count of eight up. Repeat 15 times.

All of the described exercises should be performed in the complex. Each of them contributes to the improvement of stretch marks. If any of these excluded from the program, progress will slow down. But you can run them in a different order, modified in complexity or combine with other effective stretching exercises of the legs.

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