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Stretching for the splits: exercises and workouts features

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Stretching for the splits: exercises and workouts features
The contents

  • Especially the performance of stretching exercises
  • The complex of exercises for warming up
  • Preparatory exercises for stretching the splits

Exercises for increasing the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, are considered beneficial for human health. They make the body more flexible and improve the mobility of joints, increasing their range of motion. The most common goal of all beginners is to learn to stretch into the splits the first transverse and then longitudinal views. This can be achieved by performing specific gymnastics elements that gradually stretch the ligaments and muscles, preparing the body of the person. To training you must follow some rules to avoid injuries and damage to the muscles.

Especially the performance of stretching exercises

Distinctive positive feature of stretching is the fact that it is available to implement almost any age, it is only important to choose the right load and careful to perform all the exercises. To quickly master the splits, you must consider the following points:

  • Choice of time for training. Consensus about the correct timing does not exist: in the morning the muscles are in a state of rest of motion will be given with difficulty. But that morning workouts help to overcome the resistance of muscles and to achieve the best results. Evening classes may be less time-consuming, as the day the body is already warmed up and easily takes the desired load. All the movements are much easier; this period is considered optimal for the study of problem areas.
  • Frequency of sessions. Frequency of training depends on how quickly people want to learn stretching the splits. For maximum effect exercise should be done each day, spending them for 40-60 minutes. For stretching exercises is more important than the load, how much permanence: if you skip a few days, it greatly toss the results back. If you spend the entire complex at once is no time, you can divide it into several parts and carried out gradually during the day. It is important to remember that stretching is an excellent vacation option, so instead of relaxing on the couch after work, you can devote time to classes.
  • In the process of training it is necessary to pay attention, whether symmetrically stretch the muscles: most likely, one side will be easier to respond to the load. Athlete it is important to equalize the voltage equally working both sides.
  • If a muscle group is stretched worse than the others, you need to find components for its further development. In a moment of strong tension in the muscle you need to make a strong but quiet exhale — this will help reduce the tension and stretch a rough patch.
  • For training, it is recommended to choose the most chastely, to provide additional heat so muscles will better stretch the exercise. Preference it is recommended to give the elastic materials which will not interfere with the movements.
  • The load should be increased gradually. Beginners can face a situation when you complete the movement, they can’t even half-amplitude. It is not necessary to stop training – over time, the muscles and ligaments will adapt and become more pliable.

    The complex of exercises for warming up

    Any training, and especially stretching the string must start with a quality warm up. Its duration should be 10-15 minutes, should follow to rapidly speed up heart rate and blood circulation.

    As a warm-up set of exercises you can use:

    • energetic dance;
    • running in place on a treadmill, on the street;
    • jumping rope or on a trampoline;
    • squats and lunges, leg swings;
    • sessions on the stepper.

    Skipping the warm-up before exercise could lead to serious injury, and if the stretching of muscles or ligaments can be cured quickly enough, after the anguish of tissues have to recover up to several months.

    A particularly effective variant of the heating is considered to be strength training; at home you can use a pair of dumbbells as weights. In a power complex include basic exercises that work out large muscle groups. These include: squats, lunges, dumbbell deadlifts, push-UPS, dumbbell presses while standing or lying down. The combination of strength training with stretching will help to maintain good physical shape, maintain flexibility and muscle elasticity.

    Preparatory exercises for stretching the splits

    Immediately drop down into the splits can only very flexible by nature man, so most people go the way of preliminary preparation, carrying out special exercises, aimed at improving the plasticity of the body.

  • Down on the floor, legs together and straighten. Keep your back straight, eyes in front of him. On the exhale, tilt the body forward, hands reaching for the feet. Hands take soles of the feet and hold the position for 30 seconds. If you reach the feet is not impossible, it is possible to place the hand at the ankle.
  • Sit on the floor, put soles of feet together, knees bred in hand. The palm can be put on feet, elbows to rest on her hips to push to strengthen the muscles.
  • Sitting on the floor as much as possible bred the straight leg to the side. Lean to the right leg, keeping the spine in a straight position late in exercise for 30 seconds, then straighten and repeat the movement to the left leg.
  • Stand straight, feet put together. Tilt the body down, hands touching the floor; feet should be hold straight, stretching the muscles of the thighs and the popliteal region.
  • From a standing position take a step to the side, flexing the supporting leg at an angle of 90°. The second limb to fully straighten. Hold position 30 seconds, then alternate sides throughout the exercise.
  • Stand sideways to the support, placed on her one leg. In this position, perform 15 squats, then change direction.
  • A set of exercises can be combined with various swings performed while standing and lying down. With dynamic stretching you should be very careful, as sudden movements can cause injury.

    Stretching for the splits is a good way to maintain the health and natural flexibility, but from the lessons it is better to refrain people during the infectious diseases and fever; have problems with joints or muscle injuries; women with prolapse of the uterus; as well as at exacerbation of chronic diseases or inflammatory diseases.

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