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Stretching fitness: exercises for beginners

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Stretching fitness: exercises for beginners
The contents

  • The fitness elements of stretching for beginners
  • Ballistic exercises to stretch muscles
  • Creation of conditions for weight loss with stretching

Stretching is a mandatory element of any fitness training. With its help the muscles warm up and become more elastic. Stretching improves muscle tone, promotes coordination, develops correct posture and creates favorable conditions for quick weight loss.

The fitness elements of stretching for beginners

Exercises for the muscles, which implies that they stretch, are quite traumatic. It is advisable to start stretching under the guidance of an experienced coach. If it is not possible, you have to know the technique of making such elements.

New to the fitness world it is recommended to Supplement individual training program the following training components.

  • Mahi in hand.

This exercise is intended for dynamic stretching of the muscles. You need to stand in front of a wall or other sturdy obstacle. Fixed in the barrier arms, it is necessary to make the Mahi right leg from side to side, gradually increasing the range of motion. Then you should do a similar series of movements with the left foot. It is recommended to perform at least 10 repetitions for each limb.

  • Swings back and forth.

Turning sideways and keeping a hand on the wall, you need to exercise the foot until the maximum possible height. Next, you should turn in the opposite direction and make swings with the other leg. It is desirable to perform at least 10-15 strokes on each limb.

  • Bending, as an element of static stretching.

Stand up straight, legs apart at shoulder width. Without bending his legs need to bend forward as low as possible. Having sustained a small pause, should gradually return to its original position.

All the steps necessary to carry out slowly, avoiding jerky movements. If you experience fatigue or pain in the muscles, fitness training should be suspended.

Ballistic exercises to stretch muscles

The implementation of the twine, both longitudinal and transverse, is a demonstration of good stretching. This element requires some training. For acquiring the needed level of training should master the technique of performing exercises for the muscles, providing not only dynamic, and ballistic stretching. With this objective in the training program are special elements, consisting of different spring movements of wide amplitude. Such loads can significantly expand the range of arm movements. To generate a good stretch marks it is recommended to do the following exercises.

  • Attacks.

You should stand up straight, straightening his shoulders. Maintaining stillness of the body, the right foot should make a step forward, using as additional support to the toe of the left foot. The regulation is required to stay at least a minute, producing a springy movement at the limit of the pain threshold in the muscles. Next you need to carry out a similar series of movements, pulling forward the left leg.

  • The rifts.

To perform this fitness item is to get up, placing a hand on the belt and widely spreading legs. The right leg should be bent and straightened the left — to nominate to the side, after unfolding of the knee itself. The entire weight must be on right foot and execute a few springy movements of increasing scope. You must then change the position of the limbs to redistribute weight and execute a spring motion, relying on the left leg.

  • Tilts.

These exercises for muscles can also be used as ballistic stretching. Bending forward from a standing position and without bending your legs, you should perform a series of springing movements, trying as close as possible bow to the floor.

  • Bending from a sitting position.

You need to sit on the floor, spreading his legs apart to the maximum allowable distance. You then need to produce a series of springy slopes of the body alternately to one or the other foot.

Regular performance of such exercises to stretch the muscles, a gradual increase in load will enable beginners in fitness to master the technique of performing the splits in record time. It’s elements are quite energy-intensive, activate the enrichment of tissues with oxygen and breakdown of fats than create the conditions for weight loss and subsequent weight normalization.

Creation of conditions for weight loss with stretching

Stretching almost have no contraindications and are recommended for all adherents of a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age and sport experience. Exercise to stretch muscles, promote health of the whole organism. Through the regular implementation of the elements of the stretching happens a number of positive changes in the functioning of the basic vital systems.

  • Stronger ligaments, increased flexibility, increased mobility of the body, increases stamina.
  • Improved coordination of movements, produced the correct posture.
  • Aktiviziruyutsya the internal organs by strengthening the muscles and blood vessels.
  • Decreases nervous tension.
  • Conditions are favorable for losing weight and burning excess fat.

Stretching helps to activate the process of weight loss, but to achieve a considerable result usually are not enough of stretching. Weight management requires a comprehensive approach. It is necessary in the individual training program, in addition to stretching exercises, include aerobic fitness classes. Be sure to make reasonable adjustments in your daily diet, limiting the consumption of foods abundant with fats and carbohydrates. You should also not forget about the water-salt balance of the body, to maintain which it is necessary to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day. It is advisable to allot time in the daily schedule for walks in the fresh air.

Such changes in the usual lifestyle will have a positive effect on General health and appearance, enhance self-esteem and improve mood.

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