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Stretching: exercises and safety rules in the classroom

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Stretching: exercises and safety rules in the classroom

The contents

  • The practical benefit of stretching exercises
  • Precautions during fitness workouts with stretching
  • Sample fitness classes to improve flexibility of the body

Stretching is a special kind of fitness exercise which focuses on stretching the muscles and connective tissues, and, consequently, a General increase in flexibility. Most often, this training is used as a warm-up and aminocell load, but can act as an independent discipline. In any case, the use of exercise stretching cannot be overemphasized, so to ignore them is not worth it, even if the development of flexibility is not the main purpose of fitness.

The practical benefit of stretching exercises

Conducting fitness training stretching or stretching during the warm-up and cool-down, you can achieve this is undoubtedly a positive effect:

  • the musculature of the whole body is strengthened as the muscles get an intense the static load. Even those muscle groups which are not involved in the traditional exercises, receive their share of the load;
  • eliminates spasms, blocks and clamps, decreases the frequency and severity of pain in different parts of the body, relaxes muscles and better functioning;
  • stabiliziruemost the cardiovascular system, increases blood flow and improves microcirculation of blood and lymph, which in turn leads to the elimination of stagnation;
  • increases the functionality of the joint and ligamentous apparatus. As a result of stretching exercises to secrete more synovial fluid which protects the joints from premature abrasion and other mechanical damage. Through fitness activities, stretching can prevent or eliminate age-related stiffness;
  • strengthens bone by increasing the blood flow to them and the best nutrients supply;
  • improves posture, movement and gait acquire the ease and grace;
  • increases self-esteem, normal psycho-emotional background.

So the practical benefit of stretching exercises leads to the achievement of the following results:

  • prolonged youthfulness;
  • the body heals;
  • increases the efficiency of any other fitness training;
  • reduces the recovery period after intense physical exertion.

Precautions during fitness workouts with stretching

Despite the benefits of stretching, these fitness classes are not a panacea and, like any physical activity, have contraindications. So, before you begin stretching in any form, you must ensure that such work will not harm. Not recommended for fitness training in the presence of the following diseases and health problems:

  • any injury of the musculoskeletal apparatus, and also the rehabilitation period after them;
  • severe degenerative changes in the spinal column and joints;
  • hernias;
  • arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis;
  • thrombosis, varicose veins;
  • serious heart and lung diseases;
  • pathology of pregnancy;
  • the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • temporary deterioration of health, caused by infestation of the body by bacteria or viruses.

If the above contraindications it is not, when you exercise you must follow these precautions:

  • stretch to sensations of mild discomfort. Pain intensity should be such that it could endure and, as the saying goes, “predicate”. Sharp pain indicates pretraumatic condition, so when it appears necessary to interrupt the operation;
  • to do stretching only after a proper warm-up, which should make exercises joint exercises and cardiac load, accelerating heart rate and increases blood circulation. Muscle and connective tissue that is well supplied with blood, more elastic and therefore stretch;
  • an important role in the process of stretching plays proper breathing. Breathing should be deep and evenly, without holding your breathing cycle. In between exercises you must breathe more deeply to saturate the body with oxygen;
  • after stretching it is recommended to avoid strength training and any other strenuous exercise to avoid overstretching of muscles and ligaments.

Sample fitness classes to improve flexibility of the body

Universal fitness exercise, increase the elasticity of muscle fibers and connective tissue, and also improves overall body flexibility, can be based on the following complex, which is optional and is necessary, you can add other elements:

  • Stand up straight, legs apart at the width of the pelvis and slightly bend the knees, extend the arm up and stretch it as if you need to reach the ceiling. Feel the tension in the muscles, to stay in this position for at least 15 seconds. Lowering his hand, relax and repeat the exercise, stretching is similar to other upper limb.
  • Standing straight, put right hand on waist, tilted his head to the left and a little to press her left hand to the shoulder until a sense of tension in the neck and shoulder. To pause the exercise for 15-30 seconds and tilt your head to the other side, changing the position of the upper limbs.
  • Sit on the floor as widely as possible to arrange the lower limb and the upper – to get behind the head and direct the elbows out to the sides. Keeping your back straight, lean for 15 seconds at first to one leg, trying to get the knee elbow and then at the same time to the other lower limb.
  • Kneel down, put palms on the floor, placing them under the shoulder joints. Keeping your back straight and maintaining the natural curve in their lower back, extend right arm forward and left leg back. To fix this pose at least 15 seconds. After this time you can relax for a short period and then repeating this element of fitness classes, stretching another pair of limbs.
  • Lie on your back, raise your legs and bring them closer to the head, clasping the feet with my hands. After reaching a peak of stretching, count up to 15 and lower lower limbs. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times.
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