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Stretching at home: types and training rules

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Stretching at home: types and training rules

The contents

  • The types of stretching and the rules of training
  • Stretching the back
  • Stretching of chest muscles
  • Stretching exercises of the lower extremities

Stretching, or stretching, referred to as exercises that develop flexibility of the body. Stretching has been as a separate fitness area. Today, there are individual and group stretching workout that consists entirely of stretching exercises. The stretching elements are present in training bodybuilders, athletes, and other athletes as a subsidiary exercise. They are performed before exercise to warm up muscles and joints or at the stage of hesitation to relax the muscles after intensive physical loads. Stretching exercises are included in the Wellness program and therapeutic exercises. They help to recover from diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

The types of stretching and the rules of training

Stretching exercises you can practice in the fitness groups, and at home. The optimum time of day for conducting training. Stretching relieves fatigue, relaxes muscles, calms the nerves. In the process of exercise, you need to move smoothly and accurately. Sudden movements can injure muscles or tendons. Range of motion should increase gradually, as improving flexibility. You should not stretch before occurrence of painful sensations. Enough to feel the strong tension of the muscles. Before exercise you need to warm up.

There are two main types of stretching — static and dynamic. About static stretching say, if a trainee after taking a stretched posture freezes into complete immobility. If a trainee does not stop, and continues to carry out smooth springy movement enhancing stretch, so he performs a dynamic exercise. Stretching the back, chest, upper and lower extremities makes the muscles strong and supple, increases the range of motion in the joints, develops flexibility and plasticity. Noticeable effect can be expected after 2-3 months of regular training.

Stretching the back

  • Step with the slope.

Stand up straight. To step up and not Kruglaya back, lean forward. Stretching his hands to the front foot and try to touch her. The first time it is unlikely to succeed, but with each new exercise, the inclination will become more profound. While in tilt, to feel spinal stretch, gluteal and femoral muscles (hamstring). Straighten up, step the other leg and repeat the tilt. Just to make 12-14 of such slopes.

  • Stretching the back while sitting on a chair.

Sitting on a chair, straighten your back, tighten the belly. Keeping your back straight, bring one knee to your chest. Click on the Shin with the hands and harder to pull the foot towards yourself. Pull the leg gently until a clear tension in the lower back. To fix the pose for half a minute. Next repeat to do the other leg.

  • The slopes in a seated position.

Sit on the floor. Push the bent lower limbs far out to the sides. Body to straighten. After a full, smooth breaths to relax the muscles. Exhaling, stretch your arms and lean forward. Need to get a good stretch of the back, this should lower the chest to the floor. To stay in the deep inclination of 30 seconds. To properly stretch the back, enough for four repetitions. This exercise focuses on stretching the spinal muscle that lies near the vertebral column.

Stretching of chest muscles

  • Clapping with a wide breeding hands.

Stretch the hands in front, placing them parallel to the floor. Connect the palm of your hand. Breed straight arms far out to the sides. Then together, clapping his hands. Do 15 repetitions, changing the force of claps.

  • Pose Of A Camel

Chest muscles can be stretched with yoga exercises, which is called “Camel pose”. Kneel, to rest hands in the small of your back, turning the brush fingers to the floor. To pick up the stomach. Bend backwards, threw back his head and pinch the blade. To stay in the pose for as long as possible. To breathe freely. This is a lightweight version of the pose. You complicate it by putting your palm on the heel.

Exercises to improve the flexibility of arms and shoulder girdle

  • Lead hands.

Hand upright, bend at the elbow. Second hand to hold raised arm just below the elbow, and pressing it, reject ago. We must clearly feel the tension of the rear surface of the shoulder. At the point of peak stress take a short break. Repeat the steps, changing the hands roles.

  • Stretch the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Posture: back straight, feet on width of shoulders. One to raise his hand before pulling so that it crossed the chest. To take her elbow with the other hand. Gently pushing on the elbow to stretch the limb. When stretching muscles reaches a maximum, stop for 15 seconds. Then in the same way, stretch the left arm.

Stretching exercises for the abdominals

  • Pulling with the slope.

Straightened, spreading his feet shoulder width apart. Weave the fingers and raise the upper limbs above the head. The palm should be facing up. Inhale, stretch the buttocks and abdomen, stretch. Exhale, bend sideways, keeping the thighs tight. Stay for 30 seconds. Take the initial position. Repeat with a slope in the opposite direction. Here are all stretching the abdominal muscles and back muscles along the spine.

  • The twists and turns.

Sit on the edge of a chair. Foot firmly pressed to the floor. To rotate in the direction to stop and put his hands on the back. Arbitrary force to strain the core muscles. To make a small pause. Again sit up straight, and repeat in the opposite direction. To complete the exercise after the fifth repetition.

Stretching exercises of the lower extremities

  • “The pendulum”.

Exercise used for warming. To straighten up slightly to spread his legs out to the sides. Bring one foot forward, raise and gently move it left and right, imitating the motion of the pendulum. Try to move my leg at the fullest amplitude. Back to keep straight. 30-60 seconds to change the working leg. You can move the leg forward and back.

  • Leg lifts with crossover pattern.

Standing straight, push the feet shoulder-width apart. Stretching his arms forward, turning your palms down. Alternately lift legs, trying to touch right foot to left palm and left foot to the right palm. Exercise is used for stretching lower back and lower extremities. Especially effectively stretch the calf muscles, tendons and ligaments of the knee joint.

  • Side lunges.

Stand up straight, raise feet shoulder-width apart. Hands to rest on his hips. Usagov one foot to the side, stepping away to sit down on the leg. The second leg to keep straight, her thigh muscles must be stretched. Here, the maximum tensile exposed gluteal muscles and the muscles forming the inner side of the thigh.

  • The lunge with a knee lift.

To raise their hands. To do a standard lunge forward. Coming back from a lunge, bend newporno leg and pull it to his chest. The limb need to be lifted as high as possible, this will allow you to stretch hamstrings, calf and gluteal muscles and the muscles flexing the hip. After the first attack, you need without stopping to lunge with the other leg. In this stretching exercise should be dynamic, continuous work.

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