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Stretching – an essential element of any workout

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Many people know about the benefits of stretching. It is usually performed before and/or after exercise. However, there is a separate area called “stretching”. Stretching helps to improve health and keep the body in shape. Let’s consider some exercises that you must perform.

Solid pros stretching

Stretching at home for beginners is a good way rasstavalis body or to relax. It will help to do the splits and recommended a passion for strength training.

Stretching trains the major muscle groups.

Let’s look at the benefits of stretching:

  • Muscles become elastic.
  • Joints are always healthy.
  • Minimal risk of injury.
  • Preventing cramps or pinching in the muscle fibers after a workout.
  • Improving blood circulation.
  • The acquisition of flexibility .
  • Posture will be smooth.
  • Man keeps better balance.
  • Full control over body movements.
  • Girls are graceful.
  • The body is flexible and plastic.

Varieties of stretch marks

There are several types of stretching, which differ in amplitude, duration and time of the event. Can be performed before or after exercise. Must be performed correctly and regularly, only in this case you will see the results.

Basic classification:

  • Static stretching. The most familiar exercises used, by both athletes and yogis. After stretching muscle groups to the limit, you must remain in this position for twenty seconds. Doing in several approaches. If you experience pain it is better to stop performing the stretch.
  • Dynamic stretching. Is in constant motion. One of the exercises such variety – the classic lunges and back with change of feet. To enhance the effect, you must first increase the amplitude, and then the distance between the lower limbs. Fitness dynamic stretching replaces strength exercises and back.
  • Passive view. To perform the desired partner. It is best to engage with your instructor or coach. He will gently press, helping more stretch muscles. Partner should breathe in, exhale and relax.

  • The active view. This is the classic stretching, implying an effort to stretch muscle fibers. What the exercise you will need to rely on support, then raise your leg and increase the pressure by hand.
  • Ballistic type. This stretch involves a lot of risk. It is better not to use a novice. Often done by lovers of martial arts. Involves sharp, quick and even sweeping movements.

Recommendations and contraindications

When you perform stretching at home conditions must adhere to certain rules. The main thing – the movements are smooth and without sharp movements. Otherwise, it is possible to get injured. Before stretching is to warm up the muscles that will be involved.

The main recommendations before stretching:

  • Before practicing at home you should familiarize yourself with the safety precautions to prevent injuries.
  • Decided to do the splits? Then it is important to first warm up the muscles of the legs and back.
  • Don’t hold your breath. Fraught with lack of oxygen and, consequently, poor health.
  • While stretch marks do not strain your muscles.
  • Every workout you must increase the duration and range of motion. The main rule here – do not rush. It can be a small pain.
  • It is important to listen and feel your body.
  • Each person has a measure of flexibility and develops it in different ways. You need to try to improve performance rather than to pursue the achievements of other athletes.
  • Severe pain can occur when the wrong exercises.
  • From the splits is not recommended. Everything should be done gradually, developing body flexibility.

There are the following contraindications to performing stretch:

  • Hypertensive heart disease.
  • Bruising and tearing of tendons and muscles.
  • Problems with the vertebrae.
  • Diseases of the joints.
  • Pathology of the joints of the pelvis.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Not in a hurry to start training. First is to consult with a qualified specialist, who will select a safe set of classes.

Stretching exercises

Beginners should not select exercises of high complexity. It is better to increase the load gradually, which will give a positive result. Let’s look at the basic exercises. They will improve flexibility and elasticity.

  • “Kitty”. Trains the muscles of the back. You need to get on all fours. Then arch your back toward the ceiling and slowly SAG. At the bottom should stay there for 2-3 seconds.
  • To stretch muscles of the buttocks. You should lie on your back. One leg is bent and 2nd reaches up to his chest in a smooth condition. There is another variation – sit on the floor and bend one leg. Then lean forward to the 2nd leg.
  • Stretching the calf muscle tissues. You need to stand up straight. Then make a lunge forward with first one foot and bend the knee. Heel from the floor not to interrupt. Then repeat the exercise, but change the leg.
  • Stretching the front of the thigh. Be right. One leg bent and drawn to her cheek. Next, repeat the exercise, changing the foot.
  • Training chest. You must connect the hands to clasp behind his back. Then they lift up. Also perform another version of the classes stand right, follow the posture. Hands in the locks rises to the ceiling and begin to reach up.
  • Exercise for the lateral thigh. Should sit on the floor and bend 1 knee. 2nd also attach to the side. Next we tilt first to one and then in another direction.
  • Stretching press. You need to lie on your stomach, rest your hands on the floor. Gradually raise the shoulders up and drawn.

Before performing an exercise it is necessary to view video tutorials that will help you understand the correct technique.

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