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Strengthening the spine: exercise with equipment and its own weight

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Strengthening the spine: exercise with equipment and its own weight

The contents

  • The basic rules of physical load on the back
  • Warm up before exercise
  • Five effective exercises for the back

    • Exercises with weights
    • Exercises with the chest expander
    • Training with gymnastic stick
    • Exercises on parallel bars and horizontal bar
    • Exercises on the Mat
    • Chair exercises
    • Exercises with a barbell

Correct posture is not only external beauty, but also an indicator of a healthy spine and a trained back muscles. The condition of this part of the body affects the internal organs, stamina, flexibility and overall wellbeing. Therefore, exercises for the muscles of the back are among the almost all training facilities. A simple exercise strengthens the muscles around the spine, almost not increasing it in volume. However, if the goal is to develop a broad raised back, the main focus is on strength training.

Before you begin classes, you should learn the basic rules of performance of exercises for the back and possible contraindications to stress.

The basic rules of physical load on the back

That workout was effective and brought the expected result, you must adhere to the following guidelines.

  • To start with the most basic physical activity, gradually complicating the range of exercises and increasing the number of repetitions and approaches.
  • Any exercises recommended to perform safety — smoothly, without jerks.
  • Remember about proper breathing — limit load always falls on the exhale and relaxing on the breath.
  • You can’t ignore training, you need to engage regularly and at least 3 times a week.
  • Each session begin with a warm-up warm-up to reduce the risk of injury during the main workout.
  • Separately it should be noted that any physical load for the back is contraindicated in diseases of the joints, intervertebral hernia, recent fractures or injuries of ligaments. In such cases please contact your doctor and get his recommendations about sports. He might advise a more gentle exercise or physiotherapy. It is also not recommended to exercise at an elevated body temperature, or General bad health.

    Warm up before exercise

    A good warm-up before starting helps to warm up muscles, improve blood circulation and prepare for the base unit of exercises for the back. Warm-up is carried out for 10 min in the following mode:

    • the tilt of the body in different directions;
    • Mahi upper limbs;
    • deep squats;
    • vis on the crossbar.

    Five effective exercises for the back

    The back is involved in many effective fitness exercises. Meanwhile, the base load affects several muscle groups and joints. And isolation exercises are aimed at individual joints and muscle groups.

    Exercises with weights

    This physical activity has a high impact strength in the trapezius, broadest muscle and the muscles of the hands.

    Top 5 effective exercises with weights:

    • Mahi upper limbs;
    • attraction to the area press;
    • twisting in seated position;
    • push-UPS with a focus on weights;
    • the jerks with the shell.

    All movements should be smooth. The weight of the projectile is chosen based on the physical form of the athlete. In this case the load should be well felt but not to be excessive.

    Exercises with the chest expander

    Expander is a special elastic harness or elastic band for fitness. This sports equipment is accessible and can be used even at home.

    Top 5 effective elements with the use of an expander:

    • pull bands to the area press from a sit position;
    • joining hands in front of chest;
    • pull the harness on his back from a standing position;
    • stretching of the upper limbs in the attack;
    • the rise of the upper extremities while sitting.

    This exercise is often used also for leveling trapezius muscles and pectoral muscles.

    Training with gymnastic stick

    This load is well suited not only trained athletes but also people with weak physical training. It is often used by those who have problems with posture or disease type degenerative disc disease.

    Top 5 effective exercises with a stick for physical therapy:

    • lifts hands up;
    • the trunk bending forward;
    • a “fold”;
    • rotation of the torso;
    • raise your hands up in the lying position.

    All movements should be smooth, without jerks, especially careful you have to be new to the fitness world.

    Exercises on parallel bars and horizontal bar

    These exercises are performed without additional weights: they replace their own body weight. The elements of the perfectly straight working on the muscles and triceps.

    Top 5 effective pull-UPS on the parallel bars and the horizontal bar:

    • “Australian”;
    • classic;
    • with a wide hand position;
    • with a narrow hand position;
    • using only one hand.

    For starters, you can perform the minimum number of repetitions, increasing them as physical enhancement.

    Exercises on the Mat

    This exercise is a good load to the lower back and buttocks, giving them a beautiful shape and great tone.

    Top 5 effective exercises from a lying position on the back:

    • gluteal bridge;
    • leg swings from the position on all fours;
    • raising the legs from a prone position;
    • simulation of the swimming styles breaststroke and front crawl — alternating.

    Such physical activity is considered optimal for correct completion of the exercise.

    Chair exercises

    A great opportunity to stretch your back muscles, not leaving your workplace. The load is especially useful for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

    Top 5 effective exercises from a sitting position:

    • lifts the upper extremities;
    • vertical arm swing;
    • crowding the head back;
    • motion of the shoulders up and down;
    • torso twists in different directions with outstretched hand.

    Exercises with a barbell

    Work with this exercise equipment aimed at deep study of muscles and can significantly increase muscle mass.

    Top 5 effective exercises with a barbell:

    • pull the neck with tilt;
    • the thrust of the projectile to the abdomen;
    • the bar press from supine position;
    • thrust T-shaped projectile vertically;
    • pull the neck to the chin.

    Also, in the absence of special equipment and tools, you can perform static exercises that intensively strain muscles and well train them. To such a load, for example, is the classic bridge exercise “birch”. They do not allow you to build up muscle bulk, but well work the entire muscular frame of the back.

    Thus, regular exercises improve posture, increase endurance and completely revitalizes the entire body.

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