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Strength training for women: build a raised leg

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Every woman’s dream – shapely and beautiful legs. Holders of this dignity boldly walk the runway and participate in beauty contests. Want too? Here’s the set of workouts designed by fitness experts to achieve a quick result.

Thanks to the fitness industry, we had the wonderful opportunity to go against genetics and change what we don’t like. Of course, the length of the legs to change until we can’t do, but there is still relief, slimness and smartness.

The main tool in this difficult struggle – sport. A proper program of strength training for women achieve quick and spectacular results. It is important not to be lazy and not to feel sorry for yourself, and then success is guaranteed!

Exercises for legs at the gym

You must remember that all physical activities require stability. Visit the gym at least three times a week, only then it will make sense. One day is fully devoted to leg muscles. Experts and fitness coach is advised, in addition to regular physical activity, to comply with the principles of proper nutrition. That is, to exclude from a diet of fast food, sugar in any form and alcohol.

Let us examine a set of exercises that is suitable for the gym:

  • Deadlift variations, including straight-leg – Romanian. In this exercise, you work on the muscles of the thigh, buttocks and back. Fitness instructors recommend to load: take a barbell or dumbbells. Weight choose, depending on the level of training and experiences in the process. Perform 3 sets of 10 times.
  • Squats – most effective exercise for legs, as it involves almost all the muscles of the lower body. Well pumps gluteal and calf line. If you decide not to use the additional load, repeat 3 sets of 20. When working with weights the number of sit-UPS in one set should be reduced to 10. If you are still new to the sport, it is better not to risk and not to take the additional load. Take care of yourself and gradually begin to prepare the muscles.
  • The leg press is a wonderful exercise, which is considering both external and internal reliefs. The main essence of this element – bending and straightening of the knee. Exercise literally builds a relief of a leg already after the first week of classes.
  • When performing the bench press it is important to do it right:

    • the location of the stop on the platform shoulder width apart;
    • bend your knees to him that they rested in the chest;
    • leave your legs slightly bent when straightening.

    Exercises for legs at home

    Who said that sports can only be practised with a trainer or in groups, and why is somewhere special for this to come out? In fact, the home environment is a wonderful Playground for exercise. Strength training at home for women that we have selected for you, a fitness instructor and tailored to the characteristics of the shape. The result will not keep itself waiting, and after a couple weeks you take another look at his reflection in the mirror.

    The following set of exercises aimed at the elaboration of several muscle groups including the legs:

  • Classic squats. Sports elements that can be performed in the gym with extra weights. Is not needed absolutely no equipment. This exercise allows you to adjust the shape of the gluteal muscles, thighs and get rid of excess body fat in the area of breeches. The recommended number of repetitions: 3 sets of 10 times.
  • Classic attacks. Like the previous one, this exercise can include both in home training and group. Technique: jerk throw one leg forward, while she needs to be bent in the knee joint; a second extraction as before and straighten. Then change legs and repeat 3 sets of 10 times on each side.
  • Plie-squat. The exercise is similar to the classic version. In fact, plié – a ballet term and the element of dance. Now I understand why ballerinas have such lean and so muscular legs. Unlike conventional sit-UPS is as follows: knees need to place widely, and the socks have to look in different directions, and both turned from the body. If you have any problems with the veins, before beginning the exercise, you should consult your doctor. Recommended quantity: 3 sets of 10 times.
  • Lunges with a jump. From the title it becomes clear. The exercise is performed exactly the same as its classical variant, but instead make a sharp lunge jump with one foot forward. Perhaps beginners will be is not a strength, so fitness experts advise gradually introduce this element into your workout routine. The recommended amount for trained athletes: 3 sets of 10 times on each leg.
  • Rid of cellulite

    Strength training for women is very useful when dealing with one widespread nowadays disease. Cellulite peel used to be, but not so much censured. When in fashion short shorts, and the work allowed to even walk in mini skirts, do not want to keep up with the trend.

    Cellulite is subcutaneous fatty deposits which are formed due to hormonal imbalance or improper diet.

    Sports and massage are two ways of getting rid of the disease. On difficult stages you want to combine the two and add more strict diet. Massage is expensive, but the sport is everyone can afford. There are a few very effective exercises that help to break subcutaneous fat and build muscle even in the most problematic areas. The process is long and may take a long time. If you are confident and ready to fight for beautiful legs – then go ahead, go to the workouts:

  • Leg lifts to the side. Simple element, where one leg remains standing on the surface, and the second rises to a maximum side. Here is the work on the gluteal muscles, inner and outer thighs. The recommended number of repetitions: 3 sets of 10.
  • Leg swings. The exercise is performed from a prone position on his side. Considering first one side, then the other. Involves the buttocks and lower abs. The recommended number of repetitions: 3 sets of 10 times each leg.
  • Leg lifts forward and back. Simple and effective exercises to combat the “orange peel”. One leg left on the floor for support, and the second lift forward until it stops, and then back. Repeat on the other side. The recommended number of exercises: 3 sets of 10 times.
  • Weight training women: the key to slim legs

    If you start each new day with easy charging and 2-3 hours per week to devote to sports, it is quite possible after 1 month to achieve visible results. Beautiful and slender legs – start on the path to ideal figure. A set of exercises, described above, is composed of a team of fitness experts and is suitable for any woman. If you have no strict contraindications to physical and athletic activity, then you can safely start training today. Never put off until tomorrow… Well, you know the drill. Good luck and go for perfection.

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