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Strength fitness workouts for women at home

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Most women refuse to do exercises with weights, because they believe that they contribute to the increased growth of muscle mass. They practice aerobic fitness, thinking that, having lost weight, they will get perfect body proportions. However, with a large number of extra kilograms after cardiac loads, the skin sags, wrinkles, folds and stretch marks appear on it, and the muscles remain weak.

To avoid this, you need to alternate aerobic exercise with power. The first helps to lose weight, the second – to work out the muscles and form a beautiful body relief. And those and other activities can be conducted at home. Subject to certain rules, they will be no less productive than in the hall.

Basics of home physical activity

In addition to strengthening muscles, physical exertion also helps to speed up metabolic processes in the body, which also helps to lose weight. However, good results from such classes can be obtained by following simple guidelines:

warm up before each fitness training and stretch after;
making an effort, always exhale, relaxing – inhale;
conduct workouts systematically – even if there are no results yet, do not drop anaerobic fitness;
eat food one hour before the training and 1.5-2 hours after it;
before you start anaerobic fitness, learn the proper technique of the elements and work without breaking it;
make all movements smoothly, without haste and jerks;
Do not exercise with too large weights, if you do not want to pump;
do fitness in comfortable clothes and only in sneakers, so as not to injure the joints.

What is necessary for doing power fitness

What is necessary for doing power fitness

Anaerobic exercises can be performed with the weight of your own body, but when using weights, they will give much better results. Therefore, for homework it is recommended to prepare at least the minimum amount of sports equipment. What may be needed:

fitness mat;
gymnastic ball;
elastic band;
TRX suspension straps.

In principle, only dumbbells will be enough for training, but the more equipment is available, the more efficient and diverse physical activity will be.

Anaerobic exercises for practicing at home

Anaerobic exercises for practicing at home

The training program proposed below should be practiced 4 or 5 times a week, alternating exercises for different muscle groups. At the first trainings, all elements are recommended to be done 10-15 times in 2-3 laps. Burdens should be taken weighing 1.5-2 kg. Their weight, as well as the number of repetitions and cycles, must be increased gradually.

Training for upper limbs and shoulders:

Stand exactly, put the feet on the width of the pelvis, press the brushes with shells against the front surface of the thighs, look forward. Tighten inventory to the chin, pointing the elbows to the sides. Lower the inventory down, arms outstretched.
Lift the weights up by placing them above the shoulders (the inner surfaces of the brushes should be opposite each other). Bending the elbow joints, lower and lead the shells behind the head, and then return to the starting point.
Hands down, placing the hand on either side of the hips. Turn the inner parts of the brushes towards you, bend your knees a little. By bending the elbow joints to tighten the shells to the chest, turning the inner sides of the hands to him. Return to the starting point of the fitness element. Do not tear off the elbows from the body.
Press the hands with shells to the front of the legs, expand the internal parts of the hands to themselves, bend the feet, bend the elbows slightly. Dissolve smooth hands to the sides, raising them above the head, and lower. Bring forward, raising to eye level. Return to the starting position.
Sit on the chair, back align. The arms with the burdens to bend, lift the inventory to the level of the ears, arrange on both sides of the head, turning the elbow joints to the sides, and the inner sides of the hands away from you. By extending the arms, weighting up and returning to the starting point.

Complex exercises for the pectoral and spinal muscles:

Sitting on a chair, tilt your upper body forward, lean your chest against your legs. Hands with weights, slightly bent at the elbows, lower down. Raise your arms to the sides, bringing them up to the level of the chest, and lower them again.
Stand straight, put the foot on the width of the pelvis, slightly bend the legs, tilt the upper part of the body forward. Arms with burdens perpendicular to the body. Pull the shells to the chest, located on the sides of the body, and return to the starting point of the exercise.
Lie on your stomach, rise, leaning on the inner sides of the brushes and socks. Body stretch in a straight line. Wring out to the maximum elbow flexion and rise again.
Stand in the doorway, rest in the frame of the door with your palms, placing your hands parallel to the floor. With all your strength, press down on the doorway, after 2 minutes, slightly tilt the body forward and again press on the frame. After 2-3 minutes, relax.

Training for abdominal muscles:

Lie on your back, put your knees bent on the floor. Hands behind the head. The right ankle to put on the left knee. Tear off the shoulder blades from the floor and twist, stretching the left elbow joint to the right knee. After completing the set, duplicate the exercise by twisting the other way.
Put the brush under the buttocks, lift up the head, shoulders, shoulder blades and straight legs. Raise up straight left leg, leaving the right bottom, and then repeat the movement of the other limb. Repeat the exercise until muscle failure.

Exercise for leg and gluteal muscles:

Put the hand on both sides of the buttocks, feet, knees bent feet put on the floor. Raise the pelvis up so that he, knees and shoulders are on the same line. After 2-3 seconds, go down to the floor.
Go to the step or bench, put on her left foot. Having pushed off by the heel, rise to the elevation and lift up the bent right leg so that the knee is at the level of the pelvis. Return, duplicate exercise with the other leg.
Turn your back to the bench, step back a step. Hands down with weights down, put the right sock on the bench. Crouch down to the parallel of the left thigh with the floor, and then stand. Duplicate movement by changing legs.

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