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Strap slimming abdomen and sides: types and characteristics of the exercises

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Strap slimming abdomen and sides: types and characteristics of the exercises
The contents

  • Plank — what is this element
  • The duration of the course
  • The breath during the execution of exercises
  • Contraindications
  • Strap with support on forearms
  • Placket linked hands
  • Side plank on elbow
  • Side plank on straight arm
  • Reverse plank
  • Reduction of points of support
  • Planck dynamics
  • Two-minute complex for beginners
  • Training for five minutes
  • The fitness complex for more experienced athletes

Beautiful tight abs comes from those who motivated for regular exercise. To your abdominal muscles became a relief, and the waist more slim, it is necessary not only to do special exercises but to eat right. It is not necessary to engage in too intense pace, constantly doing crunches or raise the legs on the crossbar.

Static fitness training can also be equally effective. The most popular and effective of exercises such format is considered a plank. It works virtually the whole body, making training very efficient. A variety of options strap allows loading of muscle groups depending on athletic goals.

Plank — what is this element

Unlike conventional sit-UPS and other vigorous exercises for abs, plank is done in the statics. This exercise not only strengthens the abdominal muscles, but also helps to pump the buttocks, core muscles and even shoulder girdle.

Various types of straps make the figure more attractive, and muscles stronger. This exercise is suitable for those who want to tighten primarily the abdominal muscles. But to the stomach was perfectly flat, it is necessary to strengthen muscles and remove fat in this area. This is facilitated by a complex of power of fitness and cardiovascular exercise and proper nutrition.

The duration of the course

The strap is usually a hold a fixed posture in a certain time interval. In the performance of exercise is very important to follow the correct techniques and even breathing.

Experts advise to stand in the bar not once, but in several approaches, resting in between for 15-20 seconds. Time to perform a single approach for beginners — usually 10 to 30 seconds. The load is gradually growing, it is important to increase the time statics at least 5 seconds. Advanced athletes are in the bar from 5 minutes or more.

The breath during the execution of exercises

So your muscles receive enough oxygen and, therefore, grow better and stronger, you need to breathe correctly.

During the training, the breathing should be deep and dynamic. The exhalation should be done in the most difficult moment of greatest load.


Strap fits most people, but like any physical activity, it has several limitations. Contraindications to its implementation are:

  • injuries of the spine, ligaments, and tendons;
  • carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • recent surgery;
  • chronic diseases of internal organs in the acute phase;
  • the fever, inflammatory processes;
  • severe disease of the heart and blood vessels;
  • high blood pressure.

Women during and after pregnancy should be to start a fitness workout to consult a doctor.

Strap with support on forearms

Direct body position this exercise is called the “Board.” The technique element is very simple.

  • Lie down on your stomach. Arms bent at the elbows. To rely on the parallel of the forearm. Shoulders should be perpendicular to the floor.
  • To raise the pelvis so that the body became straight. Legs together and put on socks. Abdomen, buttocks, legs tense. Head lowered, neck muscles to relax. It is important that the lower back does not SAG, and the abdomen was retracted.
  • To stand in this position should be as long as possible. Beginners can start with 10 seconds, more experienced hold for 2 minutes longer.
  • That strap was made correctly, it is necessary to evenly distribute the weight between toes and elbows.

    Placket linked hands

    This option trims are ideal for beginners. Its implementation differs from the previous one only by the position of the hands: they should be kept in front of him, his fingers interlocked.

    Side plank on elbow

    This variation of the exercise helps not only to give the elegance of the waist, but slim hips.

    Side plank refers to the complicated exercises. To execute it should only when a well-mastered the classic version, and the muscles strengthened enough.

  • Lie sideways with support on the elbow. One leg is on the other or in front of her.
  • Tension of the abdominal muscles and the back to raise the pelvis. The body must pull in a straight line. Buttocks to draw, to make sure that they are not outweighed and do not tilt the case back.
  • Side plank on straight arm

    It is even more complex variation of the previous exercise. It should perform out of position, relying on the elbow. After the body rises, it is possible to straighten the arm by distributing the load on the entire palm.

    In order to maximize the load, to perform a lateral strip can be based only on one arm and on one leg. Raising his hand and pushing the top leg to the side, it is possible to achieve yield stress in the muscles, and qualitatively discuss not only the press, but also the buttocks and thighs.

    Reverse plank

    This option is to run hard, but the results will be noticeable fairly quickly.

  • Sit on the floor, pull the legs in front of him, toes to stretch. Hands rest against the floor behind him.
  • To raise the pelvis. To pull the body into a straight line, relying on his hands. The palm is located just below the shoulders. To keep your head straight, trying not to tense muscles of the neck.
  • Reduction of points of support

    To diversify the load, when you run the bar you can change the position of the limbs or selectively reduce the number of support points.

  • Alternating leg lifts in plank on the elbows helps to load the obliques, in addition to pump a the buttocks and back.
  • Flexion and abduction feet to the side helps to strengthen the inner thighs.
  • You can raise and take hands. This increases the load on the muscles of the arms and chest. To further complicate this option plank by weights.
  • Planck dynamics

    More experienced athletes can perform the bar not only in statics but also expanding it in various movements.

  • The knees up to the chest diagonally. This exercise will help to strengthen the legs, buttocks and side of the press.
  • Strap with support on straight arms with a gorgeous legs in the jump. This option trims suitable for intensive study of the press.
  • The rotation of the leg in the hip joint — this variation helps tighten the buttocks.
  • Two-minute complex for beginners

    The main condition of training for beginners — performing a plank for two minutes a day.

    First time to do the bar to support the forearm for one minute twice a day — morning and evening.

    To train better through the day to give the muscles the opportunity to rest and recover.

    You can then select another option of bars — the more complex, and gradually increase the run time to 2 minutes per approach.

    Training for five minutes

    Following a five-minute set will fit both men and women.

    • Strap on direct hands — 60 seconds.
    • With support on forearms — 30 seconds.
    • With a raised foot for 30 seconds for each leg.
    • Side plank with your free hand behind your head — 30 seconds on each side.
    • Strap on direct hands — 30 seconds.
    • Relying on forearm 60 seconds.

    The fitness complex for more experienced athletes

    As you gain experience and strengthen the muscles of the training duration should be increased.

    If you choose five favorite options strap, you can put them together in an intense 10-minute. This training may look like the following:

  • Strap based on direct hands — 2 minutes.
  • Plank on elbows — 60 seconds.
  • A variant with a raised leg for 60 seconds on each leg.
  • Rest — 60 seconds.
  • Side plank — 2 minutes.
  • Plank with raised arm — 60 seconds per side.
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