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Stop trying to believe it and you will lose weight

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If you tell yourself that you can’t lose weight because of age, stress and body features, this you. Stop believing in these stories, and you will definitely lose weight.

If you’re trying to lose weight and can not, therefore, reason in the head, or rather living in her thoughts. Stop telling yourself these stories, and you will definitely lose weight.

Myth 1 – you belong to the 1% of people who do not lose weight

According to medical statistics, about 1% of people really can not lose weight, but people who’ve told yourself it’s ten times more. Suggesting to himself that he belongs to the same percentage, the person is not engaged in fitness and not watching their diet, as a result, he is gaining weight and only confirms his theory. If you had a diagnosis, which prevents to get rid of excess weight, you would know about it. These diseases are not without other manifestations, the cause of your failure is inaction.

Myth 2 – with age, metabolism inevitably slows

Everyone knows that with age, metabolism gets slower but very few people understand that the reason for this lack of activity. After reducing the activity of the body is freed from the extra muscles, the smaller muscles – the more calories. Excess calories coupled with inactivity, give a large amount of excess weight.

Control your metabolism at any age, while respecting the principles of a healthy lifestyle a slower metabolism would be negligible.
Myth 3 – cortisol makes you lose weight

Recently fashionable to say that you can’t lose weight because of the stress and increased hormone of cortisol. Stress is used as for excuses for missed workouts and improper food. The effect of exercise and nutrition at an elevated level of cortisol will indeed be slightly lower, but the progress will still be tangible and visible.

Myth 4 – a lot of repetitions with small weights tone the muscles

When using a large weight with a small number of repetitions, the workout becomes low intensity, respectively, with low weight and mnogopotochnoy mode the intensity will be high. The more intense the exercise, the more energy is wasted, this mode is suitable for getting rid of excess calories, but it will not affect the condition of the muscles. In order to bring the muscles in tone, you need a workout of low intensity, they are also needed to accelerate metabolism.

Myth 5 – you get fat from carbohydrates

You don’t get fat because of carbs, but because of the excess calories that you can get from any product. Dropping the carbs is a bad way to lose weight, to refuse from harmful products with high calorie content.

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