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Stop eating these 5 foods in the evening and lose up to 10 pounds in a month!

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production of hormones and metabolism. If you eat wrong foods in the evening can affect appetite the next day, that is actually program yourself to overeating. Provoke this process foods that stimulate the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Excluding them, you will significantly facilitate the task to lose weight!

Dark chocolate

Caffeine and theobromine, in high amounts contained in dark chocolate, are the best friends of cortisol and activators of appetite. So if you’re chocolaholic, watch the clock: after 18:00 chocolate is off-limits.

Goat cheese

All of a sudden, but scientific: it contained goat cheese special fat relaxes the valve that separates the esophagus from the stomach, and this effect persists for a long time. This can provide a false sense of hunger, of emptiness in the abdomen, although you really don’t want to eat.

Hot sauces

At night, the stomach needs to rest and spicy foods does not allow him to do so. Irritated mucosa requires recovery, and the enveloping body requires fatty foods or sweet: it is quickly put out the fire, but in terms of weight loss is not the best way.

Red wine

Some experts in the field of health claim that a glass of red wine is good for health, but do not consider taking this drink. If you drink wine less than 2 hours before bedtime, the body having a charge of antioxidants, is unable to deep sleep and the brain remains active. This leads to a hidden lack of sleep, the production of cortisol and overeating the next day.


Sweet at night — a temptation hard to resist, but it is necessary: easy simple carbohydrates, obtained before falling asleep, the body is guaranteed to into fat, because it understands that energy right now he doesn’t need, and reserves for the winter never be done before.

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