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Stop chewing! 7 unexpected reasons for bad breath

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the health of the internal organs — and for breathing. Her fault and is halichos (the so-called bad breath): the bacteria multiply in the mouth, dry mucous membranes, produces less saliva, which fights bacteria. Remember that the disease, alcohol, sweat, tears and many other factors wash fluid from the body, and improved its reserves.

2. You’re on a low carbohydrate diet

Keto, paleo or Atkins diet may contribute to an unpleasant smell as the body converts fat into energy and creates ketones. One of them, the acetone leaves the body in urine and carbon dioxide. For dieters that smell is a sign of success, but the kidneys have difficult.

3. You’re skipping meals

Fasting or non-food can also affect breathing. The body reduces the production of saliva, causing the mouth breed bacteria.

4. Are you on the pill

Some birth control pills change the “attitude” of the body to certain bacteria and can decrease the production of saliva. The same is done, for example, pain, but too not all and not always.

5. You have excess weight

Two small studies have shown that the more extra pounds, the less than nice to others breath. Probably the fact that the microorganisms in the gut of overweight people secrete an unpleasant-smelling gas. The investigation will continue. In addition, there is a link between intake of carbohydrates and condition of the oral cavity.

6. You constantly chew gum

And it has a lot of added sugar, which helps the bacteria to multiply. If sugar stays in your mouth, it begins to destroy the teeth, which also freshens breath (although it is for him, you and chewing my mint gum!).

7. You have a bad cold

Then the discharge accumulate in the sinuses and then down into the throat where they live “bad” bacteria. They have to discharge necessary substances and multiply. The use of antihistamines could worsen the situation because they dry up mucous membranes and inhibit the production of saliva.

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