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Stepper for home fitness: types and rule classes

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Stepper for home fitness: types and rule classes
The contents

  • What is the stepper for fitness?
  • The types of simulators
  • Rules for the choice of stepper for fitness exercise
  • Rules of operation
  • Fitness classes on the stepper

Physical activity – the main part of the slimming process. And fitness, which is based on cardio workout, can be an excellent tool to enhance the burning of fat in the body. Pepper combines these two important components of a successful struggle with excess weight and allows additional work to strengthen human health.

What is the stepper for fitness?

The results of research of sports doctors have proven the effectiveness of using a stepper to solve the problem of excess weight. Noted that fitness classes with the use of this simulator allow for a week to lose 2-3 kilos overweight. What is a Stairmaster?

In fact this is the simplest cardio equipment with which the athlete can simulate your progress up the stairs. On this device you can organize a low-intensity but prolonged exercise, giving substantial load on the leg muscles.

Classes also contribute to the elaboration of the carcass and the abdominal region, strengthening of the heart, development of the lungs. The fitness is not strong contraindications so recommended for beginners and experienced athletes of all age groups.

The principle of fitness in the stepper is simple: set foot on the stage simulator and alternately stepping on them with their feet – as in the normal movement on the stairs. Such a gentle activity suitable weak joints and ligaments, and can even be used in the recovery period after injury or surgery.

The types of simulators

Today in the sporting goods store you can find Steppers of different types. The most popular of them:

  • Mini.

Compact model, consisting only of a platform for foot placement. Sometimes additional complement resistance bands for hands. The main training load is on the thigh, gluteal and calf muscles.

  • Rotary.

In addition to the platform legs, this design provides for the presence of swivel for hands and computer to count calories, exercise time and number of steps. Its purpose is to support hands and turning the torso to the side, allowing you to unload the spine by moving the stress on the side abdominal muscles and the housing. This is the most productive trainer for the organization of a fitness class.

  • Hydraulic.

In the platform there are special hydraulic cylinders, making it possible to change the pressing force on the pedal. Regulation of effort is made by the screw.

Pedal stepper come with a different device: with dependent or independent. In the first case, the platform moves under the influence of the weight of the person: its pedals are connected with each other, as on a Bicycle. In independent constructions, the load on each pedal can be adjusted individually. Such systems are more efficient, but are more expensive than their counterparts.

All devices of similar structures can also be divided into 2 groups:

  • mechanical;
  • Electromechanical.

The first group includes Steppers, the pedals, the cylinders filled with liquid. This is a budget model: they are quite noisy and only work in one mode. But in devices of the second group, the resistance to motion is created by an electromagnet. This low noise device with a load controller. Fitness classes on such machines more useful and comfortable.

Distinguished Steppers and the degree of load, which directly depends on the weight of the exercising person. Mini-equipment is typically designed to weight about 100 pounds. Devices larger can be operated with the load on the platform to 150 pounds.

Rules for the choice of stepper for fitness exercise

So the exercise was a joy, you need to purchase high quality and comfortable trainer, which can be used for physical exercise for a long time. How to choose a stepper?

First, you need to decide for what purposes you need a trainer. If you want to bring your leg muscles in tone, perfect mini model. Decided to lose weight? Buy stepper with twist mechanism. If you plan to do at home and gym you have spacious room, you can install the simulator with grab bars.

Rules of operation

Each device comes with a manual that has all the necessary information. First, read the section on safety. This item must be enforced.

If to consider the General rules for the use of such simulators, they are as follows:

  • correctly pick up the load (using the pressure regulator on the pedals);
  • put the foot on the pedal fully;
  • always keep your back straight;
  • don’t lean all my weight on rails (uprights) of the simulator;
  • spend before you start training warm-up: 5-10 minutes will be enough;
  • in the warm-up it is desirable to include a small set of stretching exercises and flexibility;
  • the intensity of the movements you choose depending on the extent of his physical training;
  • follow the pulse: the fitness classes on the stepper shouldn’t be too hard to load the heart, the heart rate should not exceed 170 beats/min.

When working to lose weight, you must exercise at least 30-40 minutes at a moderate pace. It is allowed to combine the stepper with other cardio exercises.

Fitness classes on the stepper

Simulators of this type are ideal for physical exercise to strengthen the muscles of the legs, abdomen and lower back. The result will depend on the regularity of sessions, intensity of movements and duration of exercise. Do not forget about proper nutrition.

If the model of the stepper has a built-in computer, try each class to record the information about calories, distance, time. All this will help to timely adjust and Supplement their training.

Fitness classes should last at least 30 minutes and take place 3 times a week. But the most tangible results can be obtained if in each lesson to practice 1 hour or more.

It is especially important to pay attention to those who are planning to lose weight. Effect is given a good workout with the constant change of the intensity of the movements. The simplest example of interval fitness can be built according to the scheme: a 10-minute walk medium pace, 5 minutes fast movements, 5 minutes slow walk. Such series can be made from three to five.

To vary and complicate fitness classes on the stepper, while walking more and doing squats. This will provide an excellent opportunity to simultaneously load and other muscle groups that need work.

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