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Step aerobics: the benefits and complex of exercises for weight loss

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A sedentary lifestyle can lead to various diseases, so exercise should become regular. However, not all people like to practice uniform training with weight lifting and repetition of the same type of movements. To improve the body and lose weight, you can use interesting dynamic training with the use of step-aerobic elements.

From the history of stepping

Step aerobics as a separate direction of fitness originated at the end of the past century thanks to an athlete and instructor Jean Miller. At one time, Jean received a serious leg injury, and according to the recommendations of specialists she needed to develop a knee in order not to lose joint mobility.

It was required to do this, walking on a small hill. Subsequently, Jin independently came up with several optimal variants of the projectile, as a result of which the original inventory appeared in the form of a step platform.

In modern fitness, weight loss exercises in aerobics with the inclusion of step-elements are extremely popular both among the younger generation and among age-related athletes. In addition to the classic version, there appeared several complicated stepping directions, which are now widely demanded in sports clubs.

Exercise efficiency

Exercise efficiency

The main secret of the demand for stepping is that the exercises performed on a special platform, not only effectively affect all body systems, but also have a gentle load. This is especially important for people who suffer from serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system or problems of venous nature, where forceful emphasis on legs is contraindicated.

Step aerobics is physical activity, which consists of standard steps and bundles that create combinations of varying degrees of complexity. This means that when performing stitches, light jumps, turns and descents, the sequence of movements can change as you like, so training does not cause a feeling of monotony.

Stepping is performed under active music with a given rhythm, which effectively helps burn fat from even the most difficult to pump zones. If necessary, you can even change the intensity of the exercises: it will only need to increase the height of the platform. Also, to increase the benefits and effectiveness of training, fitness instructors advise the use of additional weights in the form of dumbbells or bodybuilders.

Home step training

Perform exercises for weight loss on the stepping system and in the gym and at home. One of the advantages of such training is that a lot of additional equipment is not required for conducting an effective lesson. Instead of the standard platform, which is sold in any network store, it is allowed to use available tools: a stack of books, a low bench or a thick box. Dressed should be in the most comfortable clothes that do not hamper sweeping movements.

Since in the process of performing kneeling is a noticeable shock load, for step aerobics you need to choose the right shoes. Sneakers with a rubberized elastic platform are best suited: such a sole will successfully absorb any shocks without overloading the joints.

Step aerobics program

What is included in the program step training? First of all, the basis of such aerobics are steps. They form the simplest ligaments (for example, walking on a hill and descending from it), which are gradually complicated by any movements suitable for a given rhythm.

Since the stepping program basically makes the musculature of the buttocks and lower limbs work, over time, the elements with body movement can be added to the exercises: turns, bends, swinging and clapping hands.

The key basic movements of stepping are the following basic elements that are available for people with any level of training:

basic steps to the elevation and descent from the platform;
rise on half fingers;
jumping on the platform (including double);
jumping on the projectile;
kick your feet;
descents with a lunge.

Variations of stepping exercises

Variations of stepping exercises

The duration of the step-program is about 20-40 minutes: the total duration of the lesson depends on the degree of training of the performer. The physical exercise complexes used in stepping involve almost all the muscles of the body, including the neck and collar area, the forearms, and the lower back.

The main direction of the load falls on the musculature of the lower region of the body (thighs, buttocks, lower legs), the dorsal region and the stomach. The shoulder girdle is included in the active work, especially when the body and hands work. The stress focus is shifted to one or another zone depending on the variation of stepping.

Classic stepping.

Training for beginners. Studied standard steps, descents from the platform and simple bundles.

Advanced stepping.

Classes for experienced athletes. Exercise includes complex ligaments and jump variations.

Dance stepping.

In this fitness program, steps and descents form dance moves. In addition to fat burning, the load successfully develops endurance, plasticity, a sense of rhythm and coordination.

Combo stepping.

Complex consisting of complicated ligaments. The intensity of such step-classes above basic and advanced.

Interval stepping.

Dynamic step aerobics, which takes place in an interval mode (alternation of periods of activity and relaxation). The ideal form of exercise for weight loss in a short period of time.

Double stepping.

Training, for which two heights are used, which increases the number of effective stepping variations.

Power stepping.

In addition to the usual steps, in the process of fitness training, additional equipment is used (weights, dumbbells, mini barbells) and various strength exercises (pushups, squats, lunges) are performed.

What are useful step-exercises for weight loss

Training step-direction will be an excellent prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteoporosis and arthritis). It is also a great method to burn up to 600 calories in just 60 minutes of training. Physical activity affects the body in a complex way: in addition to losing weight, you can train your athletic body, get spectacular muscle relief, aesthetic curves.

The main advantages of aerobics in step-program:

stepping is an excellent prevention of stagnant diseases of the supporting and vascular systems, especially for people who lead a low-active lifestyle;
training improves heart function and ventilation of the lungs, which greatly reduces the risk of the occurrence of concomitant diseases of the respiratory tract and heart;
systematic stepping exercises will help to maintain a weight that is optimal for the athlete’s height, which reduces the risk of diseases associated with obesity and overweight;
step aerobics stimulates the development of coordination of movements, endurance, power indicators;
Regular trainings successfully develop a sense of rhythm and control of one’s own body, especially in a dance stepping;
the intensity and complexity of the stepping classes can be increased independently: by introducing additional equipment for walking, complicating the ligaments, adding height to the platform;
Workouts include a variety of exercises to work with their own body weight, which is ideal for increasing bone density and preserving bone tissue – all this reduces the risk of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The advantages and advantages of step aerobics are obvious: this direction can be a real panacea for people leading a low-active lifestyle, but seeking to acquire a sports body.

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