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Step aerobics: exercise for beginners

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Step aerobics: exercise for beginners
The contents

  • The benefits of step aerobics
  • Disadvantages of training
  • Rules of aerobic physical activity
  • Recommendations for beginners
  • Step aerobics and weight loss

This form of exercise like step aerobics, became popular approximately 40 years ago, but still enjoys great demand among women and even among men. These exercises help to achieve several goals: to get rid of excess fat, strengthen leg muscles and improve your mood.

Step aerobics is a training in which all movements are performed to rhythmic music using a special platform. All the exercises are based on the up platform and the descent from it can be diluted with elements of Oriental dance and martial arts. Thus, every workout can be done completely different from the previous one, which increases motivation and interest in lessons. Complicated exercise due to the increase of the level of the platform, accelerate the rhythm of movements or create more complex and long combinations.

The benefits of step aerobics

Like any other form of exercise, step aerobics is very useful for the human body and figure. The main advantages of such trainings are the following:

  • Effective slimming. Since the work in the steppes of is cardio, in the course of her burned a lot of calories, roughly 500 calories per hour. If classes are held regularly, at least twice a week, then you can get rid of a significant amount of excess fat.
  • Increase endurance of the whole organism and the cardiovascular system in particular. This training takes place in a fairly intense pace, which positively affects the respiratory system, blood circulation and strength blood vessels.
  • Improvement of the coordination, after constant UPS and downs from platforms require balance and precision movements.
  • Strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Because during a workout on the steppes of work mainly the lower limbs, this is an area is burned the highest amount of fat, making the legs slimmer and fit.
  • This physical exercise can be a prevention of osteoarthritis and physical inactivity, it is ideal for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  • The ability to control the load level by changing the height of the platform, speed of movements and their complexity.
  • The possibility of training in the health club and at home.
  • Disadvantages of training

    For classes step aerobics there are some contraindications:

  • Injuries of the knee or other problems with them, although such training have a much lower load on the knees than running.
  • Serious problems with the spine as when lifting on the platform and down from it is the shock load on the spine (although, again, it is less than in running and jumping).
  • Among the disadvantages of this aerobic training are the following:

  • Lack of exercise for the upper body, so in addition to classes on the step in your program should include other types of fitness.
  • In the initial stages, problems with balance and uzivanjem with the tempo trainer. Combinations of movements do not always become directly, feet can get tangled and coordination violated, that discourages from further study.
  • Rules of aerobic physical activity

    For the full workout and get proper effect it is important to know the basic principles and rules:

  • Each training session starts with a short warm-up, which are basic movements.
  • Classes for beginners consist of simple combinations and conducted at a slow pace, lasting half an hour.
  • The average duration of training for experienced athletes — one hour, because only after half an hour of continuous training fat begins to be burnt.
  • Physical activity in the classroom on the steppes of must increase, during the breaks you can not stop — just slow down, walk in place.
  • For the harmonious development of the whole body should be included in training and exercises for the abdominal muscles, arms, chest and back.
  • Recommendations for beginners

    Just starting the exercises step aerobics, review simple guidelines for beginners:

  • The first exercise can be very complex, traffic will be completely new, but the pace seemed too fast. Do not be discouraged and try to repeat for trainer — in just a few sessions you will get much better.
  • Select appropriate clothes for training. The pants have a good stretch, and it is better instead to wear leggings or shorts. Shoes use necessarily, the best choice will be shock absorbing sneakers.
  • The first workout spend no longer than an hour, study regularly, with a frequency of 3-4 times a week.
  • Priority when performing exercises on the platform is not the speed of the movements and their correct technique. Depends on it, and the effect of the training and its safety. During the session keep your back straight, your stomach tight and knees slightly bent.
  • Starting to do take the lowest platform, and, being accustomed to the load, gradually increase the height.
  • Necessarily during exercise, before and after it drink clean water to maintain good health, to avoid dizziness and dehydration.
  • Step aerobics and weight loss

    Training on the steppes of provide effective weight loss only if certain conditions are met:

    • when training intense enough;
    • eating healthy and balanced;
    • the presence of a caloric deficit.

    Should be diet and nutrition that the body receives all the necessary nutrients, but the number of calories they consumed was lower than the amount spent. This should be excluded from the diet of sweets, flour, white rice, too oily and salty foods. The frequency of meals should be 4-5 times a day at equal intervals of time.

    For weight loss the most suitable medium – or high-intensity exercise, when the movement rate is high enough, the pulse reaches its maximum, and calories continue to burn even after class.

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