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Step aerobics: benefits and contraindications for strenuous exercise

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Step aerobics: benefits and contraindications for strenuous exercise

The contents

  • The advantages of fitness with step platform
  • Disadvantages of step aerobics and contraindications to such exercise
  • Tips for conducting fitness workouts

Step aerobics is a relatively new but extremely popular fitness trend. The wide spread of this kind of aerobics has received thanks to its extraordinary efficiency in the fight against excess fat deposits. Physical load exerted on the body during training with step – special platform with adjustable height, the complex strengthens muscles and helps to burn a lot of calories.

The advantages of fitness with step platform

The essence of step aerobics is to commit energetic sasahivi on the platform. Based fitness workouts is the execution of basic movements, which are complemented and connected in-between other exercises and dance steps. The technical complexity of such combinations depends on the degree of training of the muscles and the level of human endurance. Base movement step aerobics is a consecutive execution of four steps:

  • Stand with your right foot on the step, transfer the weight of the body.
  • Off the floor your left leg and put her foot on the platform.
  • Lower the right foot to the floor.
  • To go completely with step.
  • Fitness classes by implementing these four simple steps and extra movements have a number of advantages over other exercises:

    • since step aerobics refers to aerobic exercise for an hour lesson it is possible to spend 300-600 calories. This fact makes this area of fitness is one of the most effective in the slimming process. In addition, playing with step to reduce the size of subcutaneous fat deposits in the most problematic areas of the female body – the thighs, stomach and sides;
    • the muscles of the lower limbs, and bark, which are more likely to suffer from a lack of physical activity in daily life, actively strengthened. As a result of regular aerobics class so you can improve the shape of the buttocks and thighs, to make the stomach more flat and raised;
    • fitness training with step-platform exert gentle stress on the joint and ligamentous apparatus. Moreover, active flexion and extension to improve the mobility and functionality of joints, and also serve to prevent the development of age-related stiffness in the limbs;
    • aerobic load exerted on the organism, improves heart and blood vessels. During the fitness of the heart muscles and walls of blood vessels become stronger and increases blood circulation, which positively affects the entire circulatory system;
    • as a result of lessons step aerobics increases the effective volume of the lungs. The body begins to receive more oxygen, thus the metabolic processes in the body are accelerated, and the operation of all systems is improved;
    • doing a fitness workout with step, you can increase your endurance level to develop coordination, agility and sense of balance;
    • such a rhythmic walking is a good prevention of osteoporosis, arthritis and other diseases, including those that appear due to lack of motor activity;
    • in step-aerobics it is possible to regulate the intensity of physical exercise. Beginners with a low degree of training of the muscles can only perform basic movements – the UPS and downs from the platform, and people with sufficient level of physical training – compound exercises with jumps and turns at the highest altitude step. To increase the force of impact on muscles and other body systems also allowed the use of cuffs-weighting during fitness classes;
    • sports having in the Arsenal of step-platform, you can enjoy not only aerobics, but also to perform several strength exercises. In addition, this shell is convenient to store and carry, so it can be used for the home gym.

    Disadvantages of step aerobics and contraindications to such exercise

    Despite the enormous benefits of step aerobics, such fitness workout have a number of disadvantages, including:

    • on the first training you need to memorize ligaments of movements, and it can be difficult for some people;
    • physical exercise is mainly on the lower part of the body, and the muscles of the upper extremities and trunk involved in the work slightly;
    • work at a fast pace increases the risk of injury of the foot or ankle;
    • some people, group lessons, may experience discomfort if they do not always work to correctly perform the movement.

    Physical activity with step-by platform is not recommended for people who have at least one of the following contraindications:

    • pregnancy;
    • serious cardiovascular disease;
    • renal failure and other dysfunctions of the genitourinary system;
    • diseases of the spine and articular-ligamentous apparatus.
    • varicose veins;
    • hypertension.

    Tips for conducting fitness workouts

    Beginners who have decided to do step aerobics, it is necessary to take into account some important recommendations that will help to make workouts most effective, safe and comfortable:

    • before class you should have a good warm up to prepare the body for subsequent physical exertion. To start you need to work at a moderate pace, gradually accelerating;
    • after a workout you want to perform the interruption based on the exercises to stretch. Special attention should be given to the muscles of the lower part of the body that were active during the lesson;
    • sasagawa on the platform, you have to get on all foot. Socks and heels should not hang with Steve;
    • knees should be slightly bent during the whole period of work;
    • train should be in comfortable clothing that does not hinder movement and does not create any other discomfort during exercise on the step;
    • two hours before exercise and within one hour after they are not encouraged to eat foods that the body has extracted the energy from your own fat, not from carbohydrates contained in food.

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