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Standards for AWPC bench press

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What are the standards and rules stipulated in the Federation AWPC? How is it different from WPC? How to avoid disqualification? Can athletes-fans to the sports category? The answers to these questions, read this article.

AWPC – powerlifting Federation, conducting sporting events at the international level among law enforcement disciplines, including bench press. This organization is the Amateur branch of the WPC and has a number of characteristic features. Therefore, the standards for AWPC bench press are different from other federations.

Distinctive features of the AWPC and WPC

World Powerlifting Congress, better known by the acronym WPC – world powerlifting Congress, which has existed since 1986. Members of this organization are athletes from 30 countries. To the main objectives of WPC include:

  • the formation rules of the competitions in powerlifting;
  • the choice of conditions for further promotion of the sport of the current;
  • the establishment of standards, appropriate for athletes to receive a discharge;
  • organization and monitoring of the competition.

Amateur World Powerlifting Congress or AWPC is organization, which is part of the WPC, however, suggests a more lenient requirements. The Federation was established in 1999 to provide opportunities to Amateur athletes to participate in powerlifting competitions. The main differences from WPC AWPC are:

  • the presence of the doping control, affecting only 10% of competing;
  • the participation of athletes with experience in powerlifting from 2 to 3 years;
  • lower the standards for obtaining a discharge.

Typically, athletes participating in competitions AWPC, weigh less than professional powerlifters because they do not use food and chemical supplements to gain muscle mass.
The structure of the AWPC

Competitions AWPC submitted 3 disciplines:

  • mounting rod;
  • the squats;
  • the bench press.

In every sport the athlete-fan the opportunity to obtain a discharge candidate master of sports (CCM), masters of sports (MS) and above. The contestants are divided into three divisions depending on the conditions of the competition:

  • AWPC bench press without equipment;
  • with a single-layer outfit;
  • with a layered outfit.

In the latter category there is the limitation that it is allowed to use more than three layers of suits and shirts. Also competing, you cannot apply more than 2.5 meters of conventional bandages and 1 meter – carpal. The width of the belt shall not exceed 10 inches.

Athletes are required to undergo a weigh-in days and 2 hours before the competition.

General requirements

AWPC bench press without equipment includes a set of requirements that must be observed by the athlete for fixing the delivered result and obtaining a discharge. In the list of mandatory rules include a ban on:

  • the use of oils, waxes and other lubricants on the body or sports uniform (with the exception of therapeutic ointments and rubbing);
  • processing benches or neck of third party materials;
  • operation dirty clothing or equipment during the exercise;
  • the use of obscene language or different ways of “psihostimulyatsia”.

Failure to comply with these rules, the athlete may be removed from the competition. To transmit messages and commands judges enjoyed the lights. Immediately before the competition the clothing and equipment athletes are checked for compliance with required standards.

For contestants AWPC provides standard requirements in technique and rules of the execution of the bench press, and the list of reasons due to which the possible suspension. Disqualification or neglect is fixed at:

  • violation of the acceptance starting position;
  • deliberate infraction of the rules;
  • oversight or minor error.

Athletes are divided into groups, and then perform the exercises by following the system rounds. During the national, international and world Championships it is possible to commit records. Athletes can advance to familiarize yourself with the current regulations. To provide information to the competing women and men provides a table of bench press without equipment and extra uniforms.

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