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Sragi with a barbell

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To do shragi the post is useful for everyone. Yes, even the fitness ladies and office workers. In particular, because the movement improves cerebral blood circulation, makes think fast and helps to get rid of kyphotic posture. Yes, if you overdo it with a shrug, neck will be visually shorter and thicker. But for the bodybuilder is a plus. And for an athlete of extreme sports – and even the option of maintaining your health, because if the neck is well protected by muscles, injury will be more difficult. Shragi the post to do a little harder than with dumbbells, but it’s worth it.

The contents

  • 1 the Benefits of exercise
  • 2 What muscles are working
  • 3 Types of sragow with a barbell
    • 3.1 Sragi with a barbell standing
    • 3.2 Sragi with a barbell behind
    • 3.3 Sragi lying on a bench
  • 4 Technique
  • 5 Tips
  • 6 Application

The benefits of exercise

Trapezius muscle not only helps us to raise and lower the shoulders, but also allows the shoulder blades to the spine and expand the shoulders to each other. It helps in breakdown of all types of weights from the floor, and stabilizes the shoulders, when we catch up or pull rod to the belt. The sturdy trapezoid – a good “helper” in the bombings, takes on breast and other weightlifting movements.

Study of the trapezium with the help of sragow helps to get rid of the feeling of stiffness in the shoulders and back that haunts those engaged in office work or driving a car. This movement allows to increase circulation all of the upper body, and the brain power. Sometimes the simple additive sragow in the training plan gets rid of headaches better than any manual therapy.

Applied aspects of sport exercise significant. Without working on the trapezius muscle is hard to imagine a high quality “build” back in squats and bench presses, as well as work in traction. Trapezius muscles help the athlete to efficiently perform all types of basic exercises that involve the back. Without consideration of the trapezoid is difficult to imagine training shoulders in bodybuilding, because undeveloped trapezoidal figure will never be harmonious.

Important: in the struggle or extreme sports are important for strong muscles of the neck. Athletes these types of can include srage in General physical training, to protect the cervical spine from injury and reduce the risk of spinal injury.

Full there are no contraindications, except in two cases:

  • Violation of the outflow of venous blood (pathology of venous valves);
  • Severe scoliosis in the thoracic

Domestic sources added here and herniation in the lumbar, the Americans are not so radical, they think that hernia is not a hindrance, enough quality to strengthen the straight abdominal muscle and the muscle running along the spine.

For women, there are two options. In the power sports will just have to accept some increase in trapezoids. Still there to pump up something really huge will not work, and the puny shoulders of the model will not withstand the weight, which usually squat girl. But those who are engaged in fitness just makes sense to do exercises on the trapezius muscle not at failure mode, and to perform about 20-25 repetitions to achieve fatigue, but not failure. So the muscle will not grow substantially, and hypertrophy could not be achieved.

What muscles work

Sragi working on the whole muscular array of the upper body:

  • The trapezius muscle;
  • Diamond;
  • Small pectoral and intercostal;
  • Muscle, levator scapulae

As stabilizers specifically in the shrug with a barbell to work the muscles of the legs, abdomen and body.

Trapezius muscle consists of three segments

  • The bottom pushes the bottom of the shoulder blades to the back;
  • Mid – blade to the spine;
  • Upper directly raises and lowers shoulders
  • The types of sragow with a barbell

    Different types of exercises involve different functional areas of the trapezius muscle. Each variety of exercises brings a certain use

    Sragi with a barbell standing

    This movement is called srage with the rod straight in the lowered hands. For the most part, the movement helps to work the trapezius muscle in their upper segment. This is the classic “exercise on the trapeze”, which allows to achieve hypertrophy. The movement consists in moving the rod up and down along the vertical body.

    Sragi with a barbell behind

    Individual athletes consider it the movement aimed at the development of rear beam deltoid muscle, but this is not true. Delta works with the arms bending at the elbows, if the movement is limited only by the lifting of the shoulders, the target will be solely the trapezoid, and all its beams, as when you hold a shell behind you, people will collect the scapula to the spine in any case.

    Sragi lying on a bench

    This is to some extent universal movement. It helps to work out all the bundles of the deltoid muscle and allows you to adjust the level of the load due to the inclination of the back benches. Sragi allow you to actively engage in work and rhomboid muscles due to the fact that the blades must be kept are given. This movement allows us to efficiently develop muscles and develop posture.

    Many athletes prefer to perform this exercise with a special handle unit, or with dumbbells. Rod may not correspond to the anatomic features, its movement along the body can be difficult. Training with a barbell allows you to work out stabilization, and teaches people to perform elements of weightlifting exercises, but can adversely affect the health of the joint.


  • Legs apart shoulder-width apart and grip the neck of the top rod grip. The gap between your hands slightly wider than shoulders.
  • Fully align your back, straighten your shoulders and chest, slightly arch your lower back, lift your head parallel to the floor. In the starting position your arms should be straight, the back is in the vertical plane, the deflection of the spine’s natural S-brasny and look directly.
  • Inhale and stop the breath, strain the trapeze, lift the shoulders up, at the rate of to the ears. Imagine that you just shrug when you asks about something and you don’t know what to answer him.
  • Do not fold arms, do not tilt the torso and not squat. Your General task is to lift the shoulders in the vertical plane as possible, while keeping all other parts stationary.
  • Lifting the shoulders is very up, exhale and for a few seconds and try to pin the shoulders in this position.
  • Slowly lower shoulders to starting position.
  • Tips

  • During the entire set keep your back straight posture: shoulders laid back, chest expanded, back straight and slightly arched in the lower back. If you find it difficult to keep the shoulders pulled back, do sragi only with dumbbells.
  • To achieve the maximum reduction of trapezoids, complete sragi with the rod so that shoulders up as high as possible.
  • Always stop your breath while lifting the shoulders. So much easier to stabilize the correct position of the spine and focus on the reduction of the trapezium.
  • The objective of this activity — the upper part of the rhomboid and trapezoid muscles, which perfectly respond to the load and rapidly increasing, especially in width and up that optical is manifested in the form of an inflated neck and distinctly convex top spins on the background of pumped up shoulders. Of course, this underlines the strength of the figure, but only… men. What in relation to the female figure, here the excessive development of the trapezoid can root to deprive it of all attractiveness and femininity. We strongly advise the girls not to get carried away with the shrug with a barbell (or even fully eliminate them from your training list).
  • Working weight should be feasible, giving the opportunity to raise the shoulders up extremely. Excessively heavy rod fatal will reduce the amplitude of movement and at the time of lowering the shoulders will make you reflective to direct them forward, rounding the spine is risky and can lead to injury.
  • During all exercises the shoulders only move up and down. No rotational movement is dangerous, because the heavy weight of the trapezium moves on the shoulder joints.
  • For approach look only to themselves. Lowering the chin, you run the risk of bending the spine. Tilting his head to one side, you create all the conditions for the disproportionate development of the trapezoids that will eventually lead to curvature of the cervical spine.
  • Application

    Intended for: Everyone from beginner to Pro.

    When: In the beginning training on trapeze. In the middle of a training run of srage with dumbbells and/or barbell and thrust to the chin.

    How much: 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

    Sport coaching: In bodybuilding chrage of the post are carried out in order to increase the top of the neck and back, othercity a dividing line between the deltoids and trapezoids.

    Regular execution of the shrug with a barbell will improve your skills in volleyball (shooting and ball and lock up on outstretched hands, strikes), gymnastics (exercises on the uneven parallel bars and horizontal bar) and other sports, which is typical of the rise of blades and the execution of various hand movements from a position above the head , javelin, baseball, tennis (serve).

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