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Sports equipment and simulators for slimming abdomen and sides

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Sports equipment and simulators for slimming abdomen and sides
The contents

  • Running for weight loss stomach
  • Elliptical trainer
  • Exercise bike for weight loss
  • Workout on the stepper
  • Exercises with hula Hoop
  • Jumping rope

To remove excess fat from the abdomen and back will have to exert a lot of effort. This is one of the most problematic areas in most people. To lose weight in the waist area much easier with the help of exercise equipment. What equipment and exercise equipment for waist slimming most effective?

Running for weight loss stomach

Running is a popular way of dealing with excess weight. For health is especially useful Jogging in the fresh air, but the weather conditions do not always have to Jogging on the street. To not have to cancel a planned workout is to acquire a treadmill for the house or passes to a fitness club.

Weight loss belly helps pretty intense race lasting about 45-60 minutes. A light jog for 15-20 minutes, no effect will not give. The intensity of training increases, increasing the speed of movement of the cloth or the angle of it. Good effect of interval running, that is the alternation of maximum and average velocities.

When running the load rests mainly on the muscles of the legs. Actively working muscles of the pelvis: gluteal, ilio-lumbar. Used and abdominal muscles, but their role is secondary. The main drawback of running high impact load on the leg joints. To best protect the knees and ankles, you have to train in the special Jogging sneakers and strictly adhere to running technique.

Elliptical trainer

The movement of the person working on the elliptical trainer, much like skiing. The legs slide in an elliptical path, the shock load is absent, which distinguishes the ellipsoid treadmill. The load receives not only lower body but upper. The simulator is equipped with two types of handles. Movable rails allow you to increase the load on the shoulder girdle and hands. Stationary handrail used when placed in the simulator and in the initial stage of training.

Weight loss will be possible only if practice will be held often (4-5 times a week). Each session should last 60 minutes and vary sufficiently high intensity. On the simulator you can adjust the level of the load (the resistance of the pedals) is done by turning knob or pressing a button on the computer. Like on the treadmill, on the elliptical trainer it is possible to carry out high-intensity interval training.

Exercise bike for weight loss

Exercise bikes are of two types: horizontal and vertical. Landing on a vertical trainer is the same as on a conventional bike. The horizontal shell pedals forward and the seat has a high back. The man sits back on the treadmill, his body relaxed, the load on the spine is reduced. Horizontal projectile practice more comfortable. But when working on the upright bike uses more CPU muscle, the intensity of the load is higher and so the weight loss is faster.

Workout on the stepper

Stepper is a fitness machine that simulates walking up the stairs. It consists of the pedals and handrails, which may be mobile or stationary. There are Steppers and without handrails. They have a compact size and are relatively inexpensive. Such projectiles instead of rails can be fitted with expanders. Mini Steppers are ideal for storage and use in premises with small area. But these Steppers are useful only for people with little overweight. People with obesity it is better to use a full-size model.

Steppers are used to reduce weight, strengthen leg muscles and buttocks, but also for the overall health of the body. The main drawback of the machine: a big load on knee joints. The degree of stress on the knees slightly reduced in the models with the independent course of the pedals. For weight loss belly most effective pivoting and balancing Steppers. When walking on the rotary stepper, it is necessary to turn the housing, causing the work to actively engage the abs and back muscles. During class on balancing the stepper is constantly moving center of gravity. To keep the balance, people balance, straining the muscles of the legs, abdomen, hips, back, arms.

Exercises with hula Hoop

The most inexpensive device to speed up weight loss belly — hula Hoop sports Hoop. Torsional wrap at the waist not only actively consumed calories, but is massage problem areas. Massage improves blood circulation, “breaks” the fat deposits, reduces the appearance of cellulite, accelerates fat loss, improves bowel. In addition, exercises with a hula-Hoop develop coordination and sense of balance.

Hula hoops are light, weighted, massage, flexible, collapsible. Many current models combine several of these characteristics. For weight loss the most suited weighted massage hula hoops. But you should start with lighter hula Hoop. Hoop you can not only rotate at the waist, with him doing a variety of exercises for the back, abdominals, arms, legs.

Jumping rope

If you want to lose weight but have no money to buy expensive cardio equipment, you can buy a jump rope. Jumping with the projectile is an intensive aerobic exercise that burns calories well, doing a graceful figure, improve your posture, strengthen the muscles of the legs. With a rope you can perform a variety of fitness elements. You can jump to your legs, to cross or to raise high the knees. You can perform running jumps or twice to scroll through the rope in one jump. There are more than 30 types of items with a rope.

Slimming belly at home apply and other sports equipment. Increase the burden exercise help dumbbells and resistance bands. Almost any muscle group can be worked out using universal belt expander. You can purchase the simulator “Butterfly” — he trains the calf, thigh, buttocks, abs, arms.

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