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Sport and alcohol: 5 reasons why you should not go to the gym with a hangover

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you don’t get enough sleep, even if I came home before midnight. The alcohol added to the lack of sleep my two cents, and workout in a state of fatigue can lead to injury. For example, you could drop the dumbbell on the leg or twist an ankle while Jogging. Tired muscles respond more slowly than usual, coordination and endurance definitely deteriorated. Already standing on the treadmill? Look under your feet!

2. You’re dehydrated

It is known that 1 ml of alcohol to about 8 ml urine for excreting it from the body, so drink water in large quantities and often. Small lack of fluids does not interfere with training, but if you’re still thirsty, lost concentration.

3. Sweating is undesirable

About 10% of alcohol leaves the body fluids, including sweat. But since, as is clear from the previous paragraph, the water in the body a little, the kidneys limit the amount of sweat that makes no sense active weight training with a hangover.

4. Alcohol is harmful to muscles

And the next day it is better not to load. The condition of the muscles depends on the presence of alcohol in the blood, and muscle tissue involved in strength training, suffer the most. Two servings of alcohol worsen their condition by 73% in the next 12 hours.

5. You may feel dizzy

The cause is low blood sugar. Alcohol affects the liver’s ability to maintain normal sugar levels. Half an hour before exercise should eat a fruit or at least some juice.

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