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Software features exercises with dumbbells for men and women at home

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Software features exercises with dumbbells for men and women at home

The contents

  • Selection of dumbbells to perform home exercises
  • A set of exercises for home workout
  • Training program to perform fitness exercises at home

For a full body workout at home it is advisable to use exercise equipment and weights. Dumbbells would be the best to perform strength exercises at home, both men and women. With its simplicity and availability, dumbbells have many advantages when performing home exercises:

  • Low cost compared to other types of sports equipment (barbell, dumbbells).
  • The compact size and ease of storage.
  • The ability to change the weight and level of physical activity, if you purchased a collapsible model. In this case, weights will suit men and women, and will also be available in a variety of exercises to strengthen the muscles and reduce weight. Men can work out all muscle groups to increase their volume. Women to get rid of fat and tone up the figure.

Among girls is a common misconception that exercise with weights can cause a significant increase in muscle mass, resulting in the arms and shoulders will become masculine. This is not so. To increase the muscles you want to use the shells of the large mass, also in muscle growth and affects the production of male hormone — testosterone. This hormone in the female body present in very small quantities. Women ought to choose the right dumbbell weight for sports, so as:

  • too heavy weights will cause rapid fatigue and reduce the effectiveness of the training. Remember — if you want to lose weight, exercise should last at least 40-50 minutes;
  • the shells are too light will not give the desired amount of exercise and your efforts will be in vain.

Selection of dumbbells to perform home exercises

The effectiveness of training depends largely on competent selection of dumbbells. The shells should be comfortable and do not slip in the hand; functional — to understand and be securely fixed; have an aesthetic appearance and acceptable cost.

  • Universal dumbbells for a full body workout should be collapsible. If necessary, you can purchase additional items for your model. The optimum weight dumbbells for women — 1-2,5 kg. Home exercises for men require using a larger weight of 3 to 7 kg. dumbbells Collapsible design allows you to gradually increase the physical load and increase the efficiency of fitness exercises.
  • The shells should be comfortable. Dumbbell neck should have a corrugated surface and do not slip in the hand. It is desirable that the pancakes and the fretboard was covered with rubber or plastic. This will reduce the chance of injury and protect you from damaging your floors. If collapsible dumbbells, pancakes must be securely fixed on the fretboard.
  • An aesthetic and neat appearance of dumbbells will increase your motivation to train. Pick up beautiful things is always nice. If the projectile look happy, and dumbbells to sit right in the hands, and desire to practice will occur more often.
  • A set of exercises for home workout

    The complex of exercises with dumbbells is suitable to run at home for both men and women. The difference will be only in weight dumbbells.

    • Thrust to the stomach.
  • Take a shell in the right arm, the other lean on a bench or stool. Body tilted forward, right leg pulled back and raised above the floor.
  • Tighten the hand with the dumbbell to the abdomen, the abdominal muscles and buttocks tight. Gently lower the shell down.
  • Make fitness-exercise 12 times for each hand.
    • Lifts dumbbells with lunges.
  • To do a lunge the right leg forward, left knee rest against the floor. Hands with weights stretched along the body.
  • To transfer the body weight on right leg, stand up and raise their hands with shells overhead. Left leg off the floor and carry forward.
  • Perform 6 lunges for each leg.
    • Breeding dumbbells in hand while standing.
  • Stand up straight, body straight, feet slightly apart for stability. Hands with weights together in front of the hips.
  • Dilute your arms at your sides and raise them to the level of the shoulder Department. The palms are turned down. To fix the pose for a few seconds. Gently lower hands.
  • Do 10-12 repetitions.
    • Lifts dumbbells with a jerk.
  • Take the position of half squat with her legs spread. The hand with the shell is lowered between the legs. For this home exercise should take a dumbbell of the weight. For girls — 3 kg, 8 kg.
  • The spurt straighten the legs and stand up straight. Straight arm with the shell to raise the level of your chest. To fix the pose for half a minute.
  • Make 12-15 jerks for each hand.
    • Lunges with lifting dumbbells in hand.
  • Stand up straight, hands with weights lowered along the body, feet together.
  • Make a lunge with your right foot and raise your arms with weights in hand at the level of the shoulder Department. Stand up straight and relax your arms down.
  • Perform 12 lunges for each leg.
    • Lunges with lifting the dumbbells to your chest.
  • Starting position — as in exercise above.
  • Make a lunge forward and bend arms in elbow joints, dumbbell pull to chest, elbows pressed to the body. Stand up straight and relax your arms down.
  • To do the exercise at least 15 times.
  • The complex of exercises allows you to use all major muscle groups. If you regularly run strengthens muscles, burning calories and fatty tissue.

    Training program to perform fitness exercises at home

    To home exercises brought the desired effect, it is necessary to create a proper training program. Haphazard classes do not produce the desired result, and therefore, in addition to a range of exercises, it must include:

    • Training schedule for 12-14 weeks. Training should be at least 3 times a week.
    • Recommendations for a balanced diet. Less fat and fast carbohydrates, more protein foods and minerals.
    • Advice on the correct execution of each exercise. Proper technique significantly improves training effectiveness and reduces the likelihood of injury.
    • The order of the circular exercise and time for rest and recovery. Pauses between sets should be 2-3 minutes. Start with 1 set, gradually increase the number to 3-4.

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