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So summer is over. How are you feeling?

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over time, moles can change, creating the risk of cancer. Sometimes this is due to injuries, sometimes influenced by hereditary factors and sometimes due to exposure to UV radiation. So it was after summer and the season of the sun it makes sense to check moles. One of the most modern and informative methods of examination of moles and birthmarks now considered dermatoscopy. This completely painless method worldwide successfully used for early diagnosis of skin cancer and one of the most dangerous types is melanoma. The fact that dermatoscopy allows to identify the slightest changes in the early stages, when the mole not yet degenerated into a malignant tumor.

When choosing a place to study, it is important to pay attention to two things: the clinic has modern equipment and qualified doctors. In a network of clinics MEDSI dermatoscopy performed by experienced dermatologists and oncologists using high-precision equipment Vision Derma Pro (Germany). This modern digital system for research and analysis, which allows to obtain images with a tenfold increase and immediately record them in a database for subsequent management of the patient.

Of sexually transmitted infections.

One of the main difficulties associated with STDs is that they often are asymptomatic. Or manifestations is expressed so poorly that women simply do not pay attention to them. In modern conditions these infections (e.g., chlamydia, trichomoniasis, genital herpes) are treated easily enough, but if left unattended, they can lead to chronic inflammation.

Every girl knows how difficult it is to find “their” gynecologist. In the clinics MEDSI it will certainly — there are gynecologists and urologists with many years of experience. Doctors are practicing individual approach and very sensitive to the needs of each patient, so the comfort and quality of treatment can not survive.

Once the examination, and now cecap.

Known fact — the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. And if a classic clinical examination there is no time, it can be replaced by Express examination in a modern clinic. For example, in AMC, you can select the “rapid Check-up”. This program was developed in cooperation with leading diagnostic centers of the world, and it is based on practical knowledge of Russian and foreign doctors. In a few hours you will pass all the specialists and ultrasound, will pass all the tests, including genetics. You ask about where you live, what clothes you wear and what you eat, how much sleep and what nervous. You’d be surprised how much detail you are researching doctors. And then hold a consultation and give you a “Passport of health”. And it is not just a collection of opinions of different doctors, and clearly structured plan of action: what to do next to improve their health. No crooked handwriting and a very long list of medications and recommendations, which contradict each other.

But if in your town there are no clinics MEDSI, you can meet at the airport and arrange accommodation and meals.

But if I work late?

Eventful life and career — not a reason to forget about their own health. Clinical and diagnostic center at Belorusskaya reception, and you can now make an appointment and undergo an MRI and CT scan even in the night time from 21.00 to 8.00.

It is a real salvation for those who do not feel in the night, or couldn’t get off work, or wants to go to counseling early in the morning — for example, before a business trip or vacation.

Make an appointment by phone: +7 (495) 7 800 500.

But if there is no time?

New technology, MTS teamed up with the experts of the GROUP, to make medicine more affordable. Especially for those who postpones consultation with a doctor due to lack of time created by SMART-MED — online-the continuation of a Federal network of clinics MEDSI. Online consultations are only practicing qualified doctors, candidates and doctors of medical Sciences.

You can sign up for scheduled online appointment, to get emergency medical assistance or to share with the doctor documents and test results. You don’t have to spend time on the road, and the quality of treatment ensures MEDSI.

Give your loved ones health care!

On checkup, examinations and consultations of various specialists in the network of clinics MEDSI you can not only register itself. All that you can give to those you care about. With a gift card MEDSI someone you love, will be available to all modern medical services.

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