Tue. May 11th, 2021

Eat together!

Only proper nutrition

Snacking wisely: how to do it right, so the figure is not affected

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Usually recommend eating cereal or fruit, but if you don’t want to, they can be replaced, for example, vegetables and cheese in pita bread (preferably whole wheat), loaded with your favorite sauce.


Do not give in to the call of the stomach to eat a hamburger! Delicious and healthy rice or buckwheat bread, sweet fruit, a sandwich with chicken — you can find a lot of other options. Of course, you should buy it all in advance, at the right time they were at hand.

After lunch

If you want sweet, this problem can be solved with candy… and you can smear peanut butter on the banana and to obtain, in addition to great taste, plenty of nutrients. Another option is to smear honey on an Apple or cucumber to eat cheese with raisins or yogurt with your favorite filler.

The evening

Evening and night trips to the refrigerator it is better to cancel altogether. If this doesn’t come back out with a carrot, cucumber or radish. Saturation comes, and the figure will not suffer.

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