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Slimming breathing exercises

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Usually weight loss is associated with severe physical exertion, exhausting diets and tedious exercise. However, this approach, although it is bearing fruit, requires too much effort, and is also extremely time-consuming and financially expensive. His alternative is breathing for weight loss – a special gymnastics that will not only allow you to quickly lose extra pounds, but also tighten your abs, significantly improve your well-being and even strengthen your immune system.

Previously, this knowledge was available only to practicing yogis, but today, with the development of the Internet, everyone can try the miraculous technique. After all, it is absolutely free and does not require special equipment or a gym membership.

Breathing techniques

The exercises are not as simple as they seem, it will take some time to master them. The main difficulty is that you have to get used to breathing in a completely different way, consciously controlling this process.

An ordinary city dweller, who has never practiced breathing exercises for weight loss, primarily uses the chest in this process. At the same time, due to polluted air and lack of oxygen, inhalation and exhalation come out frequent and shallow. Therefore, instead of the full volume of the lungs, only their upper parts are involved. Thus, a person does not receive the required amount of oxygen, which leads to:

constant yawning;
dispersal of attention;
decreased immunity.

Proper breathing will allow you to saturate the blood with much more oxygen than before. This is also important for athletes – increased fat metabolism contributes to the efficient burning of excess calories during exercise, saving time and energy. However, a serious question arises: how to control the process if breathing is carried out unconsciously?

To do this, it is worth studying one of the four main techniques.

breathing exercises

Body flex

It is an effective combination of physical exercises and basic breathing techniques that allow you to quickly lose extra pounds without requiring exhausting workouts in the gym. Interacting immediately with three muscle groups – isometric, isotonic and stretching – bodyflex helps strengthen fibers and increases fat metabolism. Rare, but deep breathing by the stomach allows you to increase your tone, which, with regular exercises, develops lung capacity and gives strength.

However, he has contraindications. Bodyflex should not be used to avoid serious health problems:

people with heart disease;
pressure drops;
pregnant women.

Diaphragmatic breathing

The easiest way, which is to change the approach to producing oxygen. Instead of breathing, you need to use all your abdominal muscles. Thus, each inhalation-exhalation cycle becomes a kind of massage of the internal organs, accelerates the blood and saturates it with oxygen. This, in turn, evens out the pressure, effectively helps with asthma and colitis, restores the voice.

Thus, choosing the most suitable breathing practice for weight loss for your lifestyle, you need to do it regularly without missing a day. Fortunately, such classes take no more than 30-60 minutes and will not affect even a busy schedule. At work or while relaxing, you can take a moment and practice to improve your well-being.


Perfect if you want to even out the skin in areas where it becomes too loose and shapeless. Moderate physical activity of 30 minutes a day, along with deep breathing in the stomach, involves all muscle groups in the work. The skin will be toned and supple. The complex helps to get fit in the summer and strengthen the body before winter.

Holotropic breathing

A popular technique of yogis is based on hyperventilation of the lungs – blood supersaturation with oxygen, which activates the nervous structures and triggers biochemical reactions to strengthen the body. The secret of the technique is the absence of breaks between inhalation and exhalation, enhancing the breakdown of fat cells. An additional load on the abdominal muscles will also give a solid press.

The minus of the technique is the need for its control by a professional, otherwise the desired effect simply will not appear.

Slimming exercises

Despite the features of each individual technique, there is a list of universal tricks. Exercises are used in each approach, and will also help beginners to master the necessary basic skills of respiratory gymnastics for weight loss:

With each inhalation, you need to round the stomach as much as possible, and on the exhale, on the contrary, retract. Thus, a full cycle of deep breathing occurs, involving the entire volume of the lungs.
Starting position – lying on the back with legs bent at the knees. You need to act in the reverse order relative to the previous lesson: when you exhale, you need to inflate your stomach, and when you inhale – retract. After three to four cycles, connect the abdominal muscles and legs, as if you are pumping the abs.
PI – lying on a straight back with bent knees. You need to breathe deeply, exclusively with your stomach, but alternating tension and relaxation of the abdominal muscles. For starters, 10 repetitions are suitable, over time, their number is recommended to be increased to 35-40 approaches.
Stand straight, legs spread apart shoulder width apart. Inhaling, raise straight arms up and lower, exhaling.

Do not despair if the first classes did not give a tangible result. It is necessary to regularly practice breathing exercises, and soon you will notice that the fat is gradually disappearing, and your health has improved significantly.


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