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Slim body in 4 weeks: Express program

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The beach season is behind us, but that’s not a reason to lose the beautiful shape. We have prepared for you the exercises that need to be run for 4 weeks. Express program is quite hard, but at the end of the month, you will appreciate the results!

Training schedule
Monday: the paired sets

You need to alternate exercises 1 and 3, doing maximum number of occurrences of each in half a minute. To move between jobs for some time. Give it a rest for 4 minutes. Then do 2 and 4 exercises in the same mode. Again rest for 4 minutes. 5 complete the training exercise, making it in a TABATA Protocol (20-perform max reps, 10 s rest, do 8 in a row of such loops).

Tuesday: paired sets

You need to alternate exercises 6 and 7, carrying the maximum number of occurrences of each in half a minute. Can run between jobs within a certain time. Rest – 3 minutes. Then do 8 and 9 exercises in a similar way. Again rest 3 minutes. Complete exercise 10 assignment making as a TABATA Protocol (20-perform max reps, 10 s rest, do 8 in a row of such loops).

Wednesday: complete rest or light cardio

Dedicate yourself and favorite activities without much physical exertion.

Thursday: interval training

Complete exercises 1, 3, 2, and 4 necessarily in that order. Each of them can only use for 6 minutes in sethaputra mode. Rest 2 minutes between exercises. Complete exercise 5 task mode Protocol TABATA.

Friday: interval training

Perform tasks 6, 7, 8 and 9 in the given order, spending each for 6 minutes in sethaputra mode. The rest between exercises is 2 minutes. Complete training 10 task mode Protocol TABATA.

Saturday: complete rest or light cardio

Spend the day in positive emotions, but do not overexert.

Sunday: complete rest or light cardio

You can spend a weekend with the family, picnics or any other family activities.

1. Snatch a dumbbell with one hand

Spread your feet slightly wider than shoulders, take your right hand and lower the dumbbell between your legs. Slightly squat and lower the barbell to about mid-calf. With perseverance uncross your legs and body, unable even to rise on his toes, whereby the inertia you will pull the dumbbell up, leading it along the body. Take the dumbbell straight arm over them. So, that was 1 REP. Go back to the original position and do the same thing (approach 1 – right hand 2 – left hand change every time).

2. Front squat with dumbbells

Spread your feet shoulder width apart, grab the dumbbells with your hands and throw it to their shoulders. With elbows pointing forward, chest expanded. Spreading her knees to the sides, and do a squat at least to parallel thighs and the floor. Go back to the starting position, you’ve done 1 repetition.

3. Pushups

Take original position “ordinary emphasis lying”. Feet put on width apart, hands are slightly wider in the torso in one line with your feet. Arms bent, chest nearly touches the floor. Go back to the starting position, take the next repetition. Performing approach, try to keep the abdominal muscles and buttocks are constantly in tension.

4. Pull-UPS in the trx

Loops are located at waist level. Grab the arm, with the feet put forward and hang in such a way that the torso and legs formed a clear straight line. Your arms should be straight, palms facing each other. Get the blades and go up as high as possible. A little hold this position, then return to original position. You’ve completed 1 repetition.

If it is difficult, then you can put the loops above and be himself in a more upright position.
5. Burpee

Position: stand straight, feet are slightly wider than shoulders. Sit down and put your palms against the floor. Hands, otrygnu back and take the emphasis lying. Otomis 1 time. Jump bring feet back to hands, then straighten them and lightly jump up, perform a clap of your hands over them. It was 1 recurrence. Easy landing, resume the exercise.

6. Pull-UPS reverse grip

You need to hang on the bar, with grab it reverse grip at a distance shoulder-width apart. Ankles crossed, buttocks are tense. Reducing the blade to each other, pull up and chin up above the crossbar. Ideally, if you could touch her Breasts. Go back to the starting position, completely straightening the arms. So, that was 1 REP.

7. Leap forward with waste

Spread your feet shoulder width apart, podsiad down and do the Mach hands. Do jump forward as far as possible, helping himself with his hands. Easy touch down in a half squat and get back to the original position quick step backwards.

8. Swung with dumbbells

Spread your feet shoulder width apart, hands take dumbbells and lift them to the shoulders. Elbows pointing forward, palms facing each other. Quickly podsiad down to ⅓ of the amplitude and push the dumbbells up, developing the acceleration due to the powerful straightening of the legs and push arms. Take the dumbbells straight arms. So, you’ve done 1 repetition. Make sure the lower back does not bend at the moment when the dumbbells are at the top.

9. Jumping lunges

Take the lunge position: one foot is in front, another behind, at a distance of 2 steps from the first. Bend both lower limbs up to 90 degrees and immediately jump up. While in the air, quickly switch feet in some places and touch down in the same way, but with the other leg in front of him. Immediately jump out again and again, switch legs in the jump. After landing, get 1 repetition.

10. Lateral steps

Position the feet shoulder width apart and take the original position of the “half squat”. Imagine that above you is a ceiling, not getting up, do 10 steps at a quick pace to the right, then immediately 10 steps to the left. Thus the thorax is raised. Try not to cross my legs and move extra steps.


Experienced experts know that intensive training to perform no problem don’t injure yourself. Proper preparation of load distinguishes a real professional from the rest. The following exercise is useful to include in the warm-up before exercise to be healthy and happy.

1. Attack: dog head down

From “hit the deck” must lead the pelvis back and up until until the arms and torso in one line. Soak 1 second, then go back to the original position. Next, step your right foot forward and put a foot on the floor near the right hand. Again go back to its original position. Do the same thing, only with left leg. So you did 1 REP, just need 2 of the set 10 times.

2. Child’s pose with rotation

Get on your knees, pulling together large toes. To take the pelvis back and sit on your heels, stretching your arms in front of him. This is the starting position. Raising his right hand, turn to the right. Then turn around the other way, put your arm under the chest, trying to stretch as much as possible to the left. Go back to the original position, this is 1 repetition. Do 2 sets of 10 times to the left and to the right.

3. Waving Superman

Lie down on your stomach, my hands stretched forward, legs straightened. Straining the muscles of the buttocks and back, lift from the floor of the legs and chest. Hands stretch out in front of him and hold on to weight. Retaining such a position of legs and body, move hands apart and then down, touching the hands behind the back. Go back to the original position. You must perform 2 sets of 10.

4. Speed signalman

Technique: you must stand straight, feet together, hands to place on the seams. Start to do “the signalman”, however instead of the usual rate of the desired motion of the arms and legs shorter and more economical (this will allow to achieve maximum speed). Do as much as possible the number of repetitions in half a minute, then a minute rest. Only 2 approach.

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