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Sleep for figures: how lack of sleep affects the muscles?

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Lack of sleep contributes to weakening of the muscles, when you go on a diet. American researchers recruited a group of overweight people and for a month lived in a sleep lab. In the first phase of the study, they woke early after 5 hours after lights out. The second in 7.5. Interestingly, the lack of sleep did not affect the rate of weight loss: average weight loss was just over 3 pounds.

In the period of normal sleep, about half of the weight lost was fat. But the shortage — 80% had muscle. In other words, people with excess weight have lost up to 60% more muscles for a while, until they are “nedokladio” 2.5 hours of sleep.

Of course, the study was conducted within a limited timeframe, and none of the subjects were not engaged in sports and does not increase the amount of protein in the diet. However, it became clear that if a person sleeps less than required, the body is struggling to maintain fat reserves, getting rid of instead of muscle.

There is another unpleasant news. Surely you noticed that when sleep-deprived, stronger, hungry. Lack of sleep affects the production of hormones responsible for appetite and hunger. Ghrelin makes you hungry and leptin shows when it comes to saturation. In the end you eat more, you lose muscle mass — and all due to the fact that not a lot of time to devote to sleep. The solution is simple — put a normal night’s rest a priority!

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