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Shuttle run: physical activity for weight loss and muscle tone

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Shuttle run: physical activity for weight loss and muscle tone
The contents

  • The features of this form of exercise
  • An example of fitness training on the basis of Shuttle run
  • The nuances of the organization of fitness activities, including a Shuttle run

Shuttle run — track and field exercise, which is a run with frequent changes of direction. This type of run is included in the compulsory regulations of the school physical education lessons and the TRP because it allows you to develop not only the speed but also coordination. In addition, people who practice this type of cardio in the gym, can tone the muscles of the whole body to rid extra pounds, strengthen your heart and lungs and build endurance.

The features of this form of exercise

Technique Shuttle runs is fundamentally different from Jogging or interval. The differences are in following features:

  • the race to space Shuttle technology is characterized by the development of the maximum speed from the first seconds, while most other fitness workouts based on running speed increases gradually;
  • the pivot point must be held, trying not to slow down the pace. This is the most difficult stage of the Shuttle run, because the inertia of a body from the maximum acceleration from the start creates a strong resistance. In order to overcome it, one needs to put a lot of effort;
  • when used during fitness training on the basis of Shuttle run items that need to be transferred to the pivot point, the task runners is complicated. In this situation, the speed reduction is inevitable, since it is necessary to put the item, and then immediately accelerated as much as possible again. This rapid change in the nature of physical activity requires mobilisation of an organism and its features such as speed, endurance, coordination.

Due to the peculiarities of physical activity Shuttle run is often used in training professional athletes involved in a variety of sports — from football and hockey to martial arts. For the same reason people who are not professional sports, can use Shuttle runs to boost the overall level of training and improve your fitness.

In addition, the energy cost of running in Shuttle technology and the ability to increase the heart rate almost to the limit makes this form of exercise is extremely effective in the process of losing weight. Therefore, people with excess weight who do not have contraindications to Jogging, can enable Shuttle the equipment in your fitness training, aimed at combating excessive weight.

An example of fitness training on the basis of Shuttle run

Fitness classes, including technique Shuttle runs can be carried out by one of the following schemes:

  • to mark the start and reversal of a race.

Typically, the distance between these points is 10 meters. After a thorough warm-up should stand on the start line to run from 4 to 10 races before the pivot point and back. After the main physical activity should implement hitch to restore heart rhythm and breathing. The hitch may look like this: walk for 2-3 minutes with a UPS on your toes and mixing of the upper limbs above the head, accompanied by deep inhales and exhales. After the walk you can follow a few simple stretching exercises of the lower limbs and entire body, thus helping muscles to relax after a fitness training;

  • note the distance of 7-8 metres between the start and pivot point.

Perform quality warm-up, including turns and bends of the torso, Mahi extremities, rotational motion of the joints of the pelvis and legs. Take in one hand a small object like a pencil, stand at the start and maximally accelerating from the first seconds, run to the pivot point and put on the floor item. To turn around and, developing and keeping top speed to reach the start. Repeat the run 10 times and complete the hitch. Not to use during fitness classes are objects, you can run to the pivot point, just touch the hand on the floor.

However, before proceeding directly to such physical activity, you must first learn the proper technique of all the major stages of the Shuttle run:

  • Start.

At the start you need to get up by putting one lower limb forward, shifting her weight and pulling back one upper limb to then due to her movement to give the body an extra boost. Starting running, you need to tilt your body forward and try to reach a maximum speed during the first 2 seconds.

  • Pivot point.

Run to the pivot point, you have to reject the case back, thus reducing the speed. At this stage it is necessary to precisely calculate at what point you should start to transfer body weight back to stay in the pivot point and not earlier or later. Turned and need to quickly run to the start, which will now function as a pivot point, and repeat the technique of braking. Running with the item, run to the reversal, to use the technique of emergency braking, exposing the forward one lower limb and a little sitting down.

The nuances of the organization of fitness activities, including a Shuttle run

To classes Shuttle run was comfortable, and physical activity as effective as possible, it is necessary for training to take into account the following important nuances:

  • the surface of the earth or the floor in the room where the classes Shuttle run should not be slippery to avoid falling under braking at the pivot point;
  • within a radius of several meters around the start and turning points should be no walls or other obstructions that could get hurt, not calculating the desired braking torque;
  • to engage in Shuttle run need special sneakers designed for Jogging exercise. These shoes should have non-slip sole, high damping characteristics, orthopedic insole, comfortable arch support, high heel and secure lacing;
  • clothing for practicing the Shuttle run should be comfortable and not interfere when running;
  • beginners are not recommended to run with maximum speed. They should first practice the correct running technique, paying particular attention to braking and reversal, and only after that you can train at a high speed.

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