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Shaping slimming-types and a set of exercises

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Shaping slimming-types and a set of exercises
The contents

  • Varieties of trainings
  • The pros and cons of shaping
  • Rules for effective weight loss
  • Nutrition advice for weight loss
  • A set of exercises for weight loss

Shaping is one of the most effective methods of correction of the body, aimed at weight loss and study of specific problem areas. It is based on the change in diet and regular performance of a complex dynamic exercises. Feature — the possibility of drawing up individual training plan for working through the problem areas of the body and maintain the tone of the whole muscular frame.

Varieties of trainings

In the shaping there are 2 main training programs:

  • catabolic — aimed at burning fat deposits and reducing weight;
  • anabolic designed to build muscle and forming a beautiful relief of the body (used by those whose body weight is normal, and weight does not require special correction).

To do the shaping in the gym and at home, using video-lessons. What can be achieved with the help of self-tuition:

  • to adjust body weight;
  • to get rid of cellulite, stretch marks and subcutaneous fat;
  • increase endurance and flexibility of the body;
  • to normalize the function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • to improve health;
  • to consolidate the results of weight loss and to keep the body in good shape.

The pros and cons of shaping


  • personal approach to the formation of the proportions of the body based on the body type, problem areas and features of health;
  • eliminating cellulite due to a rush of blood to problem areas and outflow of excess fluid during the training;
  • normalization of digestion, accelerate metabolism;
  • strengthening the muscles and joint and ligamentous apparatus.
  • fast results — weight loss and a visible change in topography of the body will be noticeable after a month;
  • the opportunity to train both men and women.

The main disadvantage of shaping exercises is that they can not combine with heavy physical exercise and other techniques aimed at reducing weight.

Rules for effective weight loss

Most shaping workout at home are video lessons that offer moderate loads because it was designed for people with average weight and standard metabolism. To improve the efficiency of practice at home is advised to consult shaping coach to compile a personal training plan or to adhere to the following rules:

  • to adhere to the daily routine — go to bed and get up around the same time, try to sleep 7-9 hours;
  • to do 2-3 times a week, not to miss training;
  • warm up muscles prior to exercise to relax and stretch after exercise;
  • do not eat for 2 hours before and 2 hours after shaping;
  • to study and observe the technique of performance of exercises;
  • to train a minimum of 40 minutes;
  • do each exercise 15-20 times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions;
  • perform each movement with maximum amplitude to accelerate the fat burning process and weight loss;
  • to breathe correctly is to breathe in relaxation through your nose, exhale — through the mouth the effort;
  • to keep the moisture balance is to drink 1.5 — 2 litres of still water a day, including drink water in small SIPS during the workout.

Nutrition advice for weight loss

The effectiveness of shaping for weight loss without changing diet is reduced by 60-70%. Only with proper combination of workouts and a healthy diet body weight will decrease and the shape will become strained.

When performing a catabolic program, you need:

  • to exclude from the menu, sugar, sweet and flour products, seasonings, of fried, spicy, fatty and smoked food;
  • vegetables and proteins of plant origin consumed 2 hours before training, animals squirrel — 5 hours before exercises;
  • eat small portions 4-5 times a day;
  • not to eat 3 hours before shaping and after him to eat more fruits and vegetables;
  • drink per day to 2 liters of clean water without gas, as well as introduce the use of herbal teas, decoctions from the hips, fruit drinks;
  • to cook in a gentle way — mainly for a couple is allowed to boil, simmer or bake.

Doing anabolic for the program, you must:

  • abandon smoked, semi-finished products, sweets;
  • eat fractional 5-6 times a day;
  • to make the menu of a large number of vegetables, fruits, food of animal origin;
  • not to eat 2 hours before training;
  • to include in the diet protein shakes;
  • take any complex of vitamins and minerals.

A set of exercises for weight loss

Not all elements of the training proposed below, binding. You need to identify your problem areas and make the individual shaping program. All the exercises for weight loss should be done 2-3 set consisting of 15-20 reps. Before you start training, you must pass an examination to identify possible contraindications. Shaping is impossible to do in the presence of cancerous tumors, problems with the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract, mental disorders and in rehabilitation after surgery.

  • Waist.

Sit on the floor, knees bent feet lift off the floor by 20 cm Upper part of the body to reject the back so that between it and the floor formed an angle of approximately 45°. Hands to close to the castle ahead of him at chest level. Straining muscles of a stomach, make turns from side to side with a maximum amplitude.

  • Top press.

Lie on your back, knees bent feet slightly diluted in hand, hand to throw over your head. Raise the body up, stretching your arms between your knees parallel to the floor. To return to the original position.

  • The bottom of the press.

Sit on the floor, rest your palms on the floor behind him. Legs slightly bent and lift by 20 cm from the floor. Alternately pull your knees to opposite shoulders (right to left, left to right). To perform the exercise with maximum amplitude.

  • The belly and back.

Become directly, feet on width of shoulders. Tilt your body parallel to the floor, keep your back straight, hands to dissolve in hand. To perform Mahi hands, trying to reach fingers of the right hand to left foot and Vice versa. To perform the exercise with maximum amplitude.

  • Feet.

To kneel, elbows to lean on the floor. Bump to the thigh parallel with the floor one leg bent at the knee, and then the second.

  • Buttocks.

Lying on your back, hands spread to the sides, palms put on the floor. Left leg bent at the knee, raise the right at 30 cm above the floor. Focusing on the left leg, Contracting the glutes to raise hips until the formation of a straight line from knee to shoulders.

Between exercises slight minute breaks — to bring back to normal breathing and heart rate.

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