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Sexy tummy for the New year: 5 simple exercises for steel press

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“I will live 100 years” developed practice of the 5 most effective exercises that will make your stomach flat, and press relief.


This is the most effective exercise in the struggle for washboard abs, which requires no additional equipment. The decisive factor in performance is the proper technique: to perform the exercise you need while exhaling and pulling the abdomen in yourself. Lie on your back, bend your knees, feet flat on the floor. Put your hands behind your head. Strained abdominal muscles, and then “scrutiny” forward from the floor was coming off just the blades. Perform this exercise at a slow pace for 3 sets of 20 reps each.


Known from school lessons of physical education exercise “Bicycle” is working on the middle part and press the top of the abdominal muscles and also strengthens and develops the deep muscles of the abdomen. Lie down and stretch your legs. Hands can be behind the head or along the body. Raise your head, shoulders and narrow blades. Lift your feet off the floor and do circular movements. Perform this exercise 3 sets for 1 minute each.


This exercise is working intensively press rectus and obliques. Follow the simple rules in this exercise, and most importantly, remember this: the abdominal muscles must be tensed during the whole exercise. Being at the back, straight arm put up, the legs also stay straight. Start at the same time to connect the legs and body. Perform this exercise 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions each.

Side plank

This is one of the best exercises for the abs, which is good considering the external and internal abdominal muscles. Follow the instructions, and the results will not keep itself waiting long. Take the side plank with support at the elbow. The second arm along the body and one foot slightly ahead of the other. Keep this position throughout the exercise. Follow the side bar 3 times on each side, while in the exercise for 45-60 seconds.

The knees up in the bar

This is another variation of the classic plank. In this exercise, you will add dynamics that makes the muscles “burn” from the load more effectively. Lying on the floor, up on hands. Raise your right leg, bending your knee, then pull the knee forward, rounding the back. Do the same thing with the left foot. Perform this exercise in 3 sets, doing 15 pull-UPS each leg.

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