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Sex improves memory: another plus of making love

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A fresh study in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior proves the connection between sex and memory (especially in words). The participants, who often practice sex with penetration, showed better verbal memory than lazy.

The study was conducted on 78 women aged 18 to 29 years old in the form of a questionnaire about different aspects of life and displaying random words and individuals on the computer. Then they were mixed seen new and old letters and images and had to identify them.

Amateur sex is best remembered, and here’s a photo of correlation is not revealed. The researchers attribute this to the fact that vaginal sex improves neurogenesis (the growth of new brain cells) in the hippocampal region associated with verbal memory.

Although the experiments were associated with short-term memory, the study authors believe that long-term will be the same. And with other functions, the hippocampus is responsible, too (for example, orientation in space). Of course, the study is small and relies only on the feedback of the participants themselves about their sex life, but it’s always nice to know what sex is yet another useful feature!

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