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Seth Ferose ripped triceps in a motorcycle accident

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Accidents happen and, unfortunately, IFBB Pro bodybuilder and fitness trainer Seth Feroce recently ripped triceps. A 35-year-old athlete had a motorcycle accident, as he explained on his Instagram page. Seth is a popular fitness trainer on the YouTuber portal who previously competed professionally in bodybuilding, not to mention the fact that he is also a small business owner and a proud American involved in many enterprises. But this recent injury was definitely a nightmare for his fans, so he posted several photos and a story about how it happened on social networks. "From the looking glass of horror with a hand … … Yes, today I broke the triceps, doing stupid shit! Let off steam today with the guys, which is typical after release. We relax a bit and LIVE after several busy days / weeks of work! I rode a motorcycle, fell out, grouped and POP hit the triceps! I’m calling an old friend @drvictorprisk (IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, orthopedic surgeon, business owner, you understand! #HWMF) He took me right away, passed everything and said: “Yes, you broke it. We will bring you together and be healthy. Do not reproach yourself. We will do it! "Made me feel much better. He is good at what he does. The doctor and I previously participated in the 2009 National Competitions and a few years ago were invited to guest poses. I will need an operation and she will be scheduled for soon, and then immediately begin to recover. This is my first serious injury, so I never experienced such feelings / experiences. I do not expect it to be easy, but I also will not allow it to knock me down. I will be firmly set, having excellent support system for family and friends. So we will experience it together! The operation was successful! Now it's time to recover. @drvictorprisk said that years of wear, tears and abuse of the weights were obvious. But I should have a full recovery! Follow the recovery program Seth !! Lol. They gave me some pictures while they were there (in the operating room), when they fixed me. I don’t know exactly what we are looking at. . I know this is my right elbow. Later this week, at the next meeting, I will have a full explanation of what exactly happened there. Paper clips, anchors, seams. I was a little distraught when he explained everything. THANK YOU!!! All of you for your support! Thanks to @drvictorprisk and his team. Return to Fuckin Shit as soon as possible! ” Feros plans to recover as soon as possible so that he can return to training. Injury is a reality, but, fortunately, his accident could be worse and he will cope with this with a positive attitude.
Seth feroce

Seth feroce
Seth feroce

Seth feroce
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