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Sergio Oliva vs. Arnold's son Joseph Baena

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Sergio Oliva Jr. (Sergio Oliva, Jr) is the son of the “royal family” in bodybuilding, because his father Sergio Oliva Sr. made his name thanks to his victories in competitions. In particular, he is known for his rivalry with the great bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Moreover, he was the only one who defeated Arnold on the competitive stage. This was a major achievement. However, just because parents had rivalry, children should not continue this either. Oliva Jr. recently revealed that this is true in a post with recent photos on her Instagram. At them, he trains in a sports club with Joseph Baena. Baena – the son of Arnold, recently decided to try his hand, following in the footsteps of his father, doing bodybuilding.
We don’t need to be who they were, just what we should be. Some people simply can’t take this classic pose photo in the mecca of bodybuilding and must definitely compare IFBB PRO and someone who is just starting to get acquainted with the bodybuilding industry. When I was like @ projoe2 by age, I weighed 55 pounds less than he in this photo. And when I was with such weight, everyone told me that I would never be anyone. So, if something happens, Joe has a huge start potential compared to where I was.

– wrote under the photo Sergio.

It is good to see that Oliva and Baena do not compete because of the fathers. Both of them are young ambitious bodybuilding athletes, so it's interesting to watch how they train together.
Sergio Oliva Joseph Baena

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