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Sergio Oliva is required, the choreographer – the view after guest posing

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For Sergio Oliva Jr. (Sergio Oliva, Jr) the last pre-Olympic the 2018 season was not very successful. Although the athlete and qualified for the main event in Las Vegas on points, but on the stage of the show Mr. Olympia 2018 he just rounded out the lineup the best. Besides two losses in a row in the competition Muscle Vodka Tampa Pro 2018 Alexis Rivera (Alexis Rivera) and Michael Loretto (Michael Lockett) at the tournament Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 2018. After the recent guest posing Sergio on amaterska the championship in 2018 NPC Iron House Classic, many have noticed a certain nervousness and haste in his proizvola and advised the athlete to communicate with the choreographer to improve obvious mistakes in the performances of this promising bodybuilder.

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