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Sergey Tkachenko from Odessa became vice-champion at Diamond Cup Prague 2020

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After the success of the amateur bodybuilding and fitness competition IFBB Diamond Cup Prague 2019, the organizers decided not to stop this sporting event this year. Although in a very difficult situation, when due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is impossible to plan anything with confidence in advance, they managed to successfully complete all the organizational responsibilities that they assumed. On Sunday, October 4, athletes from the IFBB International Federation were able to compete for the IFBB Elite Professional Card. According to the regulations, twenty-eight people were to be awarded at the competition. Although this year was difficult not only for the organizers, but also for the participants themselves, nevertheless 150 of them took part in the Prague Diamond Cup. In the exclusive premises of the five-star Hilton hotel, which did not differ much from last year's event.Of course, the Czech Republic, as the host country, was the strongest representative on the podium of the winners, but during Saturday's presentation, athletes from seventeen more countries, including Ukraine, also registered to participate in the competition. Among them is Sergey Tkachenko from Odessa, who performed in the Muscular physique category. According to the IFBB judges, Sergey presented a decent form on the stage, for which he deservedly became the vice-champion of Diamond Cup Prague 2020. Since this is only the beginning of the season for Tkachenko, there are still many productive performances of this Ukrainian athlete, who is aimed at the World Championship 2020.

IFBB Diamond Cup Prague 2020 Muscular physique

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Sergey Tkachenko Diamond Cup Prague 2020

Sergey Tkachenko Diamond Cup Prague 2020

Sergey Tkachenko Diamond Cup Prague 2020

Sergey Tkachenko Diamond Cup Prague 2020

Sergey Tkachenko Diamond Cup Prague 2020 10/05/2020 351 0

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