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Sergei Danilets won the IFBB Elite PRO Malta 2019

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From the recent victory in Nafplio, Greece in the tournament Nafplio IFFB Pro Show Elite 2019 Ukrainian athlete Sergey Danilets (Serhii Danilets) has won comparisons to Elite PRO Malta 2019. Sergei was not equal in the category of Classic physique among 11 athletes from eight countries. With a difference of one winning score, the judges of the IFBB professional League sent Danilina in first place in the group, where he was awarded the title of champion and a cash prize. Congratulations to our athletes on their outstanding performance in Malta!

The five winners category Classic physique:

  • Danilets Serhii, Ukraine
  • Sergey Taranukho, Russia
  • Marcin Marcel Przyszlak, Poland
  • Deividas Dubinas Lithuania
  • Adrian Cyronek, Poland



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