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Sergei Danilets, Brygider Oksana and Oksana Orobets at Arnold Classic Europe Pro Elite 2019

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Become aware of the lists of invited athletes at a large-scale European festival of Arnold Classic Europe Pro Elite 2019 with a prize Fund of 60,000 $, which will be held in Barcelona from 20 to 22 September. The Spanish scene will make athletes five categories of the professional Federation of Elite Pro under the leadership of President Dr. Rafael of Santochi (Dr. Rafael Santonja). Among the twenty-two members present the names of three representatives of Ukraine – this is our famous classic-physicist Sergei Danilets (Serhii Danilets), star bikinithe Brygider Oksana (Oksana Bryhidyr) and popular fitnessista Orobets Oksana (Oksana Orobets). We remind you that all of the events of the series Arnold classic, including under the auspices of the Federation IFBB Elite Pro, you must obtain a personal invitation.

Bodybuilding Open

  • Mika Sihvonen (Finland)
  • Lorenzo Leewe (Holland)
  • Tomas Kaspar (Czech Republic)
  • Ziad Mekdahi (Seychelles)
  • Ilya Lukovets (Belarus)

Classic Physique

  • Oliver Kremers (Belgium)
  • Sergey Serechshev (Kazakhstan)
  • Serhii Danilets (Ukraine)
  • Marcel Marcin Pryszlak (Poland)
  • Alexander Lavreev (Russia)

Men’s Physique

  • Valentino Soekha (Netherlands)
  • Daniel Garrido (Spain)
  • Dennis Johansen (Norway)
  • Jetmir Goqi (Kosovo)
  • Mahmoud Elmawardy (United Kingdom)
  • Abies Nosa (United Kingdom)

Fitness Bikini

  • Melina Kaltaniemi (Finland)
  • Bryhidyr Oksana (Ukraine)
  • Veronica Zemanova (Czech Republic)

Women’s Fitness

  • Nikolett Szabo (Hungary)
  • Oksana Orobets (Ukraine)



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