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Secrets of a good metabolism

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In rare cases, a good metabolism gets from nature, but most people have to constantly maintain. Fast metabolism is needed for weight loss and maintain normal weight.

Everyone has a friend or girlfriend who can eat what you want and not gain weight, as a rule, this is due to a good metabolism. In rare cases a fast metabolism gets from nature, but most people need it to constantly maintain. Metabolism is generic term that is used for all the chemical processes occurring in the body. Metabolism needs energy when receiving and spending an adequate amount of energy the body will not accumulate fat. When metabolism slows, the body spends less energy, the excess becomes excess weight. There are a few secrets to accelerate the metabolism.

Do not skip Breakfast

It’s not a secret, everybody talks about the importance of Breakfast, but not all eat Breakfast every day. A Cup of coffee or tea is not Breakfast, to Wake the metabolism need food, preferably healthy foods filled with protein and fiber.

Drinking green tea

Green tea is popular worldwide not only because of the taste, the drink boosts metabolism and helps to lose weight. If you’re tired of green tea in its purest form, then you can go to the tea with natural additives. Green tea can be drunk hot or iced, this drink never gets old. Studies have shown that drinking three to five cups of tea a day in the future helps to reduce body weight by at least 5%.

Drink cold water

Plain water cold affects metabolism. One glass of cold water speeds up metabolism by 30% for an hour, which is very high.

The body has to spend energy to warm the water, the more energy – the faster the flow the metabolic processes.
To avoid TRANS fats

Foods with TRANS fats are harmful, especially when trying to lose weight. It is not only that the products with harmful fats contain too many calories. TRANS fats reduce the body’s ability to burn your own body fat, they need to be careful.

Eat spicy foods

Spicy foods speed up metabolism, it is not a legend, and confirmed by science to be the truth. If you like spicy food, you’re in luck – you can enjoy any meal and take care of the metabolism at the same time.

There are a lot of protein

In fact, any food that gives energy and has an impact on metabolic processes, but different food components behave differently. If after the use of carbohydrates metabolism increases by about 10%, the protein products are three times stronger the metabolism increases by as much as 30%.

To train with weight

Working with weights is something that can shake the sleep metabolism and push it to the limit. After each workout the rate of metabolism will stay fast for many hours ahead. Besides weight training form of muscle mass, and muscles consume a lot of calories.

Take omega-3

Fatty acids omega-3 play an important role in the formation of the metabolism. They reduce the level of inflammation, normalizes the concentration of sugar in the blood, and regulate the production of leptin, this hormone may slow down the burning of body fat.

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