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School perfect body “Sect”

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Many people dream of a beautiful body and good physical shape. Girls spend months on a diet, then get dropped pounds. Let’s get acquainted closer with the school perfect body “Sect”, which will help to lose weight everyone.

How did the school?

Almost all social network have information about the school “Sect”. Here you will find girls who want to get rid of extra pounds and beautiful ladies wishing to improve his body even more. The founder of the school was Olga Marquez.

How can any “Sect”? Olga Marquez wanted to lose weight. After reading many articles on the Internet decided to address this issue. After trying everything on myself, I gained a lot of experience in dietetics and nutrition. Many people have wondered the girl as she managed to achieve such results.

After Olga created their group and answered questions. Thus appeared the school perfect body “Sect”. Regularly the group laid out a program of training, nutrition, girls shared their impressions.

In March 2013 there was a branch in St. Petersburg. Now people could get together and practice. Now there are 11 branches in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Features of “Sects” advantages

The school program teaches people healthy diet and proper exercise. Meals should occur every 2 or 3 hours. Slow carbohydrates are best consumed in the morning, and protein with vegetables in the second. “Sect” teaches us to train on their own, without special equipment.

Provided full-time and distance learning. The difference in programs when this. Connection groups are supported around the clock, checked the diaries of the sect of food and correct exercise equipment. There are special chat rooms where they write on any question and immediately get an answer.

All school employees have professional education. There is even a food delivery to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Olga Marquez gives such advice to girls who want to get rid of extra pounds:

  • To enter a food diary. Thus a person comes to the meals consciously. You must record the time and everything you eat, even snacks.
  • Drink tea without sugar. It was food debris. It is better to abandon several products in the diet than to be on a strict diet.
  • Many move. Even regular walks in the fresh air is very useful. It may be just a morning jog or a dip in the pool.
  • The result takes time. You should not expect much.

What does the school a perfect body:

  • Training at a convenient time and place.
  • Full-time and distance education with trainer in the gym.
  • No need to starve and overeat.
  • You are under the supervision of professionals.
  • You have like-minded people.

On the official website of the school perfect body “Sect” you will find:

  • An integrated approach. Professionals will find training program and nutrition for you. Will also provide advice on how to care for the body. Working with motivation.
  • The rationale for the advice.
    All recommendations are supported by scientific research and based on the experience of graduate school.
    Programs are compiled with the participation of doctors, professional coaches, nutritionists and psychologists.
  • Communication. There are many like-minded people who always support and help.

Workout in a gym take place in Moscow and St. Petersburg, is scheduled from 2 to 6 times a week.

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