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Safety fundamentals during fitness workouts

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Safety fundamentals during fitness workouts
The contents

  • How to make fitness safe
  • How not to get injured when you exercise
  • What else you need to consider the fitness training

Safety in all spheres helps to avoid injuries and the onset of other unpleasant consequences for people, the environment. Learn from the mistakes of others and not to fill the cones alone can be a fitness training. Compliance with rules of conduct in the gym will allow you to avoid sprains, torn ligaments, fractures and other injuries of varying severity. Knowledge of safety fundamentals do fitness classes comfortable and fun.

How to make fitness safe

To avoid personal injury when working in the gym and novice visitors of the fitness club, and experienced athletes. It is only necessary to approach to a fitness training wisely, not to lose your head in the pursuit of harmony, or relief of a large mass. Be inspired by the appearance of pitoresc and popular bodybuilders. However, it is not necessary to try them on the type of load on yourself: choose the right types of exercises, number of sets, weight used and other parameters individually. So the first rule of safe fitness is a clear understanding of their capabilities and needs.

Ideally, start a fitness training is only after preventive medical examination, consultation of a therapist. And if you have any problems with health — visiting education expert. The doctor will give advice, warn, and what exercises are best to eliminate from a training program in order not to face a deterioration of health.

The second step of the visitor of the gym should be an appeal to the fitness instructor to design individual lesson plans, learning exercises. The coach will take into account the age, body Constitution of a visitor, especially health problems and help to find a way to achieve the goal.

Finally, the fitness classes will need to pick up clothes and shoes. To ensure the safety of visits to the gym especially careful to choose sneakers. To prevent an injury in any case, it is not recommended to use for training Slippers, Slippers, ballet flats, any shoes with slippery soles. It is important to purchase high-quality sneakers, firmly locking the ankle. You can wear universal model in the fitness club, but for practicing certain types of sports will need special shoes. Buy it advisable, after consulting with the coach.

How not to get injured when you exercise

During the personal training program, you need to soberly assess their abilities. So, it is not necessary each time you visit the gym to take a treadmill if you have a large amount of excess weight. Cannot try to perform a deadlift, if you have not studied the technique of the squats. Be sure to consider the health problems when selecting exercises. It is important to not only correctly pick the exercises, but also rational approach to the choice of the working weight, number of sets, reps.

You should never perform a repetition through the pain, in the presence of strong discomfort. These signals of the body talking about the failure to observe, incorrectly chosen working weight. Of course, fitness training results in decreased performance, but do to severe fatigue not necessary. It is important to focus on your health, when it worsens, the occupation must end.

Working with large weights in the fitness training, should be handled carefully with kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells. Throw equipment on the floor without warning is impossible. In cases of emergency, when you do not lose weight does not work, you must first verify that next to no people. To prevent the occurrence of such situations should not take a very heavy weight.

To avoid injuries, beginners can if they use weight they can handle for 10-15 reps. And all this without breaking the equipment. To ensure safety when working with weight, you should pick up special ammunition. It includes a belt, wrist bandage and straps.

Heavy exercises and exercises with more weight is not recommended alone. Without constraint, you need to ask to insure themselves “colleagues” down the hall, the attendant or a personal trainer, when it is necessary. And yet it is undesirable to disassemble the rod independently for narrow racks. To avoid the advantage one side, we must act in pairs. And one by one remove the pancakes one at a time from each end, and not several pieces. When installing weight, it is important to check the reliability of fixing the locks.

What else you need to consider the fitness training

To fitness classes was comfortable and not harmful to health, it is necessary to choose the right gym. Gym should be well ventilated. Be sure to check the serviceability of equipment, to clarify, is it always in the premises although there is a duty coach.

In order to avoid breaks, sprains, when working with a barbell, you need to know the basics of safety in the gym. To start fitness training should only after a proper warm up. Giving it 10-15 minutes, it will be possible to avoid the damage of muscles, ligaments. Workout will help to heat them up, to prepare your body for the load. It should include a short jog, easy swings, tilts, turns the body, squats, and exercises from the training plan with a blank fretboard or very little weight.

We can’t forget about hitch — stretching exercises promote early recovery of muscles, increases their potential for growth and strength. They also increase the effectiveness of training, because the more a muscle is stretched, the more it is reduced.

By the way, that soreness in the days after a workout, talking about the security of the load. If after a day or two after the gym, there was a small pain, noticeable, but tolerable discomfort, the occupation was built correctly. Remember that exercise should be fun, cause the desire to engage in fitness and beyond. After exercising to give your body to recover. Quality rest is just as important as the compliance technique.

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