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Ryan Terry went surgery

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The star of the Mens Physique division Ryan Terry (Terry Ryan) has passed an unscheduled surgery, as reported by its subscribers in the social network Instagram. Due to pain in his right leg, the athlete was forced to go to the doctors, who conducted the surgery to remove kostenloses and made of fibrous cartilage rim of the hip joint. And although Ryan still can’t fully load the foot, the athlete expects to return to normal in a very short time:

I had a lot of personal messages wishing me good health and interested in how I feel after yesterday’s operation, which, by the way, I really appreciate and am very grateful for that. As far as I know, the operation went well, they rehabilitated labrum, damage which affected my nerves in my thigh. I hope we fixed it now and it’s time for a big rest and recovery, thanks again guys … a minor setback, that’s all, in 2019 will still be a great year!

Recall that on the show Mr. Olympia 2018 Terry took bronze in the category mens Physicist.

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