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Running in winter: the General rules of the winter fitness training

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Running in winter: the General rules of the winter fitness training
The contents

  • Factors that complicate the training in the winter
  • The use of aerobic physical activity in the winter
  • Rules of the winter fitness training

When choosing a venue aerobic fitness workout, many athletes prefer the streets for fresh air and long distances. The most common option is running — it does not require special knowledge, special equipment or additional equipment, just need to go out and run. But with the arrival of winter in the workout you have to make adjustments, many athletes and refuse to jog because of the severe frosts and cold wind. Not to interrupt classes because of the weather conditions, you should consider the main factors that complicate a run in the winter, and accordingly to prepare for the run.

Factors that complicate the training in the winter

It should be noted that the people who first novice run, it is not recommended to do this in the winter on the street. Because of the period of adjustment of the muscles and respiratory system to a new kind of physical exertion beginners much risk their health: such training can result in a bad cold and even pneumonia. In addition, from winter Jogging best avoided after the surgery or recently transferred disease.

Athletes who decided to run in the freezing weather, you should consider the following complicating factors:

  • Weather conditions.

They include extreme freezing temperatures, storms, large snow drifts on the route, cold wind, snow.

  • Disease.

In the winter increases the likelihood of infectious disease and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

  • Injury.

Ice, invisible under the snow pits, poor grip soles with the road surface can all cause a fall, bruises and sprains.

  • Clothing.

For winter fitness workouts require a lot more clothes than for fall or spring runs. It complicates the movement of the athlete, and at the wrong selection of materials interferes with the circulation of air and absorption of moisture.

  • Lighting.

For the winter period is characterized by late sunrises and early sunsets, so on the usual Jogging routes can be very dark. This is especially a problem for those people who used to run around in the forest line.

  • Reduced production of endorphins.

For the winter period is characterized by decrease of this hormone, so the fun run brings much less.

  • Reduced motivation.

In winter, many people have markedly reduced the activity to maintain good physical form becomes just too lazy; thick, warm clothing easily covers arriving weight, because majority of people try to postpone classes fitnesom warmer time.

  • The lack of company.

During this period, to find a partner on the run is much harder than in the summer.

To run brought joy and favor, need to take care of needed gear. You should also consider the route and time of training to try to avoid these dangers.

The use of aerobic physical activity in the winter

Those athletes who can transcend their own laziness and the fear to go beyond comfort, will receive the following benefits from winter runs:

  • Strong hardening of the body.

Regular winter will trainingbasic the gradual habituation of the body to cold, and the man will become easier to tolerate exposure to freezing temperatures.

  • Increased immunity.

With the right classes gradually increases the efficiency of the protective systems of the body, the person better resists the effects of colds and easier to tolerate.

  • Stamina increase.

Systematic physical will nagruzkami the muscles of the body, making them more durable and hardy.

  • The development of the respiratory system.

Frosty air, combined with lots of winter clothes makes the person to breathe more often, as a result, lungs expand, and their walls thicken.

  • Strengthening the heart muscle.

While running, the heart is forced to pump blood faster, delivering oxygen to the internal organs.

  • The blood oxygen saturation.

Under the influence of physical activity and cold air the blood is diluted, that is the prevention of clogging of blood vessels. In addition, when the active run an increased absorption of oxygen required for combustion of fat cells.

Winter training is a great opportunity not only to strengthen the body, but also for alignment of the emotional background and charge vigorous and cheerful mood. In addition, winter running develops willpower and gives you the opportunity to check yourself for strength.

Rules of the winter fitness training

For winter fitness activities require more specific training, so athletes should remember these rules:

  • The construction of the route.

Before you start an intense workout you need to go on the chosen route, to assess its permeability, the time distance, the density of the crowd, if you have to run through the streets of the city.

  • Weather conditions.

Winter classes fitnessapparatuur health promotion, because the risk unnecessarily they should not. Refrain from Jogging is recommended when temperatures drop to minus 15 girls, and to minus 20-25 men.

  • The warm-up.

Low temperature adversely affects muscle man: they become less agile and flexible. Therefore, any training session should begin with an active warm up consisting of various jumps and gymnastic elements. Its duration must be 3-7 minutes; it is better to wear the top clothes to avoid sweating.

  • Clothing.

To maintain air circulation and absorb moisture better use of the thermal underwear than to wear a few pants and sweaters. When choosing clothes, remember that the running temperature of the world for a person increases by 7-10°.

  • The intensity of the run.

Physical narutoarena increase gradually: the first lesson should last 5-7 minutes. Training increase gradually, not immediately jump to a forty-minute races. The speed of movement of the athlete’s discretion, it is desirable to have the ability while driving to inhale and exhale through the nose.

  • The end of the run.

Finish the active motion should be close to home, so class time must be calculated so that you have enough strength for running in both directions. Upon returning home, immediately take your clothes off and dried her. Take a warm shower and drink 0.5 liters of water. A full meal doing one hour of finishing your workout.

To maintain an even running pace and good mood, you can use music player and headphones.

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