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Running in place: technique of and characteristic physical loadings

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Running in place: technique of and characteristic physical loadings

The contents

  • The benefits of running exercises.
  • Competent physical activity
  • Technique training for weight loss
  • Food
  • Contraindications

Often professional athletes with disdain for running in place. But physical strain from such activities brings many benefits. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of running exercises on the spot, as well as contraindications and performance technique elements.

The benefits of running exercises.

The first advantage of running in place: for training do not need to visit the gym or seek any Park, stadium. Many people give up sports due to the lack of suitable space, or time for exercise. Because not everyone has the opportunity to go to the gym or to fitness classes.

Also some embarrassed to do in front of everyone. This is especially true of those who want to lose weight. Exercise for weight loss can be done at home. In this case, Jogging in place is a great choice for weight loss.

Among the positive effects that bring Jogging on the spot, not to mention:

  • Weight loss — with regular practice you can quickly burn off a few extra pounds;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Strengthening the muscles;
  • Improvement of the cardiovascular system and blood circulation.
  • During the run produced a sufficient number of endorphins — happiness hormones. Therefore, after exercise improves emotional state and mood. Therefore, exercise for weight loss will not only benefit in the fight against excess weight, but also pleasure.

    Competent physical activity

    Any exercises to be performed, observing a number of rules. Then workout for weight loss really will benefit. And the first important point for Jogging on the spot — regularity.

    If the execution of Jogging exercises will not enter you into the habit, benefit from the lessons don’t wait. Exercise is useful only if systematic training. If you run only once a week to exhaustion, then a positive result will not. Better to learn to set aside some time on sports every day. Then you will achieve maximum efficiency.

    The duration of this physical activity should be 20-25 minutes. Need to run either daily or every other day. To do less makes no sense.

    Time of classes each chooses. Some easy Jogging in the morning while others prefer evening training. Most importantly — physical activity should not be undertaken immediately after a meal. It is best to do no sooner than a couple of hours after a meal.

    Running speed is a separate issue. Professional coaches disagree about what it should be in training. Universal answer: if during the execution of the running exercises you can talk, not find the spring, then the speed is chosen correctly.

    Technique training for weight loss

    Faithful adherence to the technique classes will allow to achieve greater efficiency, and protect you from injury.

    The first and most important rule of running in place — comfortable clothing. It should not restrict movement, interfere with while running. Long pants are better tuck, not to accidentally step on their edge and not fall.

    The second rule — pad for running. Ideal simple Mat for fitness or yoga. It is needed in order to prevent slipping on smooth floor. To better place the pad against the wall.

    Warm-up — before run you need to prepare the body for physical activities. This should stretch your muscles. Warm-up runs for 3-5 minutes and then proceed to the exercises.

    To begin to learn the starting position for running. To do this go to the wall, and leaning on her hands, starting to run. Should keep his posture, the upper body should be slightly tilted forward. After several minutes of running at a wall, you can begin running in place.

    During run should be set first foot on the forefoot, not the heel. Also useful to the active work of his hands, knees.


    Adherence to proper nutrition will help improve the efficiency from the Jogging on the spot. On an empty stomach is not recommended to run, as well as immediately after a full meal.

    If you decide to go Jogging in the morning before you exercise have a snack. Ideal — protein Breakfast. You can have Breakfast omelettes (plain, or only proteins), boiled eggs, dairy products: kefir, yogurt or cottage cheese. Allowed to eat fruit: banana, Apple, grapefruit.

    If training is conducted in the afternoon or evening, eat at least 2 hours before performing the Jogging exercise. A full carbohydrate meal is a great choice before training on fat loss. Choose dishes from legumes, potatoes and cereals. It is also useful to eat green vegetables, tomatoes, eggplant, mushrooms. If you prefer meat, it is better to stewing, baking or cooking. Avoid excessively fatty foods after a meal will be hard to play sports.

    Immediately after training you should drink water or juice. The body needs to restore moisture balance, so keep the drinks ready. You can also make a milkshake or juice. If the goal of your sport is weight loss, it is best to refrain from eating for another couple of hours after the training.

    Before exercise for weight loss better not to drink — so you’ll reduce the load on the heart and liver.


    Not always sports benefit the body. There are instances when it is better to avoid strenuous activities, particularly Jogging exercises. Major limitations:

    • Pregnancy — in this case it is better to refrain from running, it is better to replace it with a walk in the Park;
    • Significant curvature of the spine — in this disease, you should always consult with your doctor about fitness training, and strictly follow his recommendations;
    • Injuries, particularly ankle, knee and hip joints. Sports can be engaged in only after recovery;
    • Varicose veins and aggravation of hypertension.

    Regularly doing Jogging on the spot, you can significantly improve your fitness. The main thing — to observe the run, eat right and take into account the advice of experts.

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