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Running for weight loss: General guidelines for beginners

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Running for weight loss: General guidelines for beginners
The contents

  • Cross country training: General rules
  • Running for weight loss
  • Workout for weight loss: the optimal time
  • Fitness workout on the treadmill

Jogging is an effective way of losing weight and healing the body. For many fitness enthusiasts Jogging is the most loved form of physical activity. But beginners not always run correctly. How to avoid mistakes while Jogging and how to run to lose weight?

Cross country training: General rules

Jogging does not need a gym. You can run anywhere in the Park, square, stadium, city streets. Novice athletes to run better on a soft surface stadium or on dirt paths of the Park. The ground is softer than pavement, then the musculoskeletal system will be exposed to less shock load. But you can run on asphalt, selecting the right running shoes and proper running technique. Experts even recommend to alternate different coatings, in order to fully work out the muscles and strengthen the tonic effect of running. Type of coating affects the load distribution between the muscles. Not only recommended to use for Jogging, concrete and tile coatings: they are too hard.

The basic rules of running that have to see each newcomer:

  • Need to run in comfortable shoes and clothing. Feet should be running shoes designed specifically for running, with good shock absorption and reliable fixation of the foot.
  • Any fitness training, including running, should begin with warm-up. Before run you can make light dynamic stretching, jump rope or without it, perform a few restorative exercises: bends, turns, rotation.
  • When running you need to keep your back straight and not to overwhelm the body forward. The shoulders should be straightened, pulled in abdomen. Newcomers accustomed to run with the heel, that is to put the foot on the heel and then slowly roll on the toe. Novice runners should become thoroughly acquainted with the correct running technique — depends on the effectiveness and safety of workouts.
  • To maintain high motivation to study, you must try to make Jogging more comfortable and enjoyable. It is desirable that the sports clothing was beautiful and stylish — it is uplifting. The best route to pave through the Park or the river, away from the noisy polluted streets. You can take a player and run to your favorite music.

Running for weight loss

Jogging fitness workout promote weight loss, even if held in a sparing mode, calculated on the total health of the body. Energy runners high: in one hour of Jogging (speed of 8 km/h) 70-kg runner burns about 480 calories. To fat burning effect of the run was the maximum, you need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • To choose a suitable time for training.
  • Conduct training for weight loss systematically, without skipping class.
  • Practice interval running.
  • Keep a training diary.
  • To adjust the power.

In marked overweight it is better to seek help from professionals. Coach will help you create a workout program for weight loss, the dietitian will select the right diet, and the doctor will determine the preparedness for the classroom and recommend a safe amount of load.

Workout for weight loss: the optimal time

It is best to choose the time for training on the basis of their biological rhythms. And morning and evening runs have their pros and cons. Running in the morning replaces charging. It invigorates and tones up, gives energy for the whole day. Although it is believed that the plan running in the morning better when behind shoulders already have experience training. After all, sports activities immediately after waking up is stressful for the body. And he is the stronger, the worse the physical training of trainees. As for slimming, it is believed that a morning workout in the best way contribute to girolametto: during the night the body reduced glycogen levels, so, fat breakdown begins to occur faster. Need to run before Breakfast, after drinking a glass of water. Better to start with short 15-minute Jogging and gradually increase the workout duration to 60 minutes.

Evening physical activity help to maintain a high metabolic rate. By evening, the metabolism usually slows down. Running speeds up the metabolism, and it long remains accelerated the process of fat decomposition continues even during sleep. The only difficulty is to force yourself to go Jogging after a hard day. Although some runners prefer evening runs because of the fact that they perfectly remove accumulated per day stress. In the evening it is better to exercise for weight loss in interval mode, that is, to alternate quiet running and sprint. Interval workouts should last no longer than 25 minutes. The minimum duration is 3 minutes. Interval Jogging provides quick weight loss, but newcomers such intense exercise is contraindicated. Better to start with normal runs lasting 20 minutes. Every day the duration of exercise should increase and gradually increase to 40 minutes. And then you can begin to practice interval running.

Fitness workout on the treadmill

Running in the fresh air more useful training in the gym. But weather conditions don’t always allow us to train outdoors. For Jogging, you can go to a fitness club or buy a treadmill for home. Enough to run half an hour a day to notice positive changes in the figure. Many treadmills have built-in training programs, including those designed for weight loss.

Fitness training should begin with warm-up. To warm up before a jog, you can walk and run at a slow pace (5 minutes). During the main part of the training necessary to maintain a running pace that is optimal for fat burning. For this you need to install continuous monitoring of pulse rate. The load can increase in two ways: increasing the pace and increasing the angle of the blade. To finish the class hitch you need: running at a slow pace for 5 minutes.

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