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Running for health: benefits of physical activity and types of training

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Running for health: benefits of physical activity and types of training
The contents

  • The use of treadmill exercise as a separate form of exercise
  • The types of runs that can be used in fitness workouts
  • Safe Jogging tips for organizing fitness activities

Running is high-intensity exercise, which, in the absence of contraindications, has a positive effect on the shape and health of a person. Moreover, it is the most affordable form of motor activity, since you can run both outdoors and indoors in the gym or at home using a special machine.

The use of treadmill exercise as a separate form of exercise

Aerobic fiznagruzki, which include various types of races, have the most positive effects on the body:

  • increases the speed of blood circulation in the body, resulting in tissue and organs receive more nutrients and more oxygen, and metabolic processes are accelerated;
  • consumed a large amount of calories, making fitness workouts based on running, extremely effective in fighting excess weight;
  • the musculature of the whole body comes to tone and the muscles of the lower limbs, and the muscles much stronger;
  • fitness classes on the basis of running stimulates the production of hormones that improve mood and stabilize the psycho-emotional state;
  • improves physical fitness and increases the overall stamina of a person.

If we consider in detail the benefits of a Jogging fitness training on the major systems of the body, it should be noted such positive changes in their functioning.

  • strengthens heart muscles and blood vessels, which leads to normalization of blood pressure and prevention of heart diseases and blood vessels;
  • are eliminated digestive problems: due to the effect of a soft massage of the abdominal organs that occurs during Jogging fitness;
  • the respiratory system increases the effective alveolar volume;
  • normalizes the endocrine system, resulting in the balance comes in and hormones;
  • increase protective functions of the body: the human immune system successfully resists the negative influence of external environment;
  • stabiliziruemost the Central nervous system.

The types of runs that can be used in fitness workouts

Contrary to popular belief, beginners, Jogging is not only boring monotonous runs. Running fitness workout to include a variety of techniques from which everyone can choose for themselves the most appropriate kind.

The most common types of running which have an intense physical strain on the human body include the following:

  • Jogging, or Jogging, which is characterized by low speed.

This kind of running ideal for beginners in fitness, and for people advanced in the sport, which is often used like a kind of Jogging as a warm-up exercise.

  • Sprint.

Sprint is characterized by high speed and short distances. As this type of running generally short, it is recommended to combine with strength fitness classes.

  • Aerobic running.

Involving continuous monitoring of heart rate and conscious maintaining a heart rate in the range of 110-130 beats a minute. Such physical exertion promotes uniform strengthening of the muscles and effective weight loss.

  • Interval run.

The principle of this technique consists in alternating periods of fast and slow running for one distance. For example, at the beginning of the fitness trenirovochno to run a few seconds or a certain distance with a gradual increase in speed, then it should be possible to accelerate and run fast a few meters or within a specified time. At the end of the high intensity interval, you need to go back to Jogging.


This Protocol is a variation of interval techniques and involves alternating 2-second fast run with 10 seconds of sprinting with minimal physical activity. The number of such half-minute laps can be arbitrary. The TABATA Protocol is more suitable for people with a sufficient level of physical training than the newbies in the gym, since the latter will be difficult and strange to work in this mode.

  • Fartlek.

The Swedish name for this type of Jogging is translated as “speed play”. Fartlek can be safely attributed to Jogging in an interval technique that does not involve stopping for a rest. Fitness classes using the fartlek can be, for example, thus: the first 200 meters you’d have to jog, following the 100-meter sprint and after the sprint run is 200 metres briskly. To work in this way it is possible a few laps. Such physical nagruzkami only strengthen the muscles and stimulate the fat-burning process in the body, but also greatly improve stamina. Thanks to the smooth change of pace, even novice runners can do fartlek, without experiencing much discomfort.

Safe Jogging tips for organizing fitness activities

Physical loads exerted on the body by Jogging are the most useful and safe, if Jogging be guided by the following practical recommendations:

  • since running is a fairly high-intensity physical activity, before class you need to consult a physician to ensure no contraindications to this kind of motor activity;
  • before the run be sure to warm-up, during her carefully flexing the joints and performing simple exercises to increase heart rate (heart rate): for example, jumping jacks, squats and swings limbs;
  • at the conclusion of the run need to gradually reduce the speed, gradually moving step. After a full stop is recommended to perform some stretching exercises to relax the muscles that were subjected to vigorous physical activity;
  • you need to run in special shoes with a high degree of attenuation capable of neutralizing the negative effects of impact loads on the foot.

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