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Running for beginners: exercise program and scheme training

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Running for beginners: exercise program and scheme training
The contents

  • Why treadmills for exercise?
  • How to run: tips for beginners
  • Pain while running
  • Fitness program for beginners
  • Running for weight loss

Today, a sedentary lifestyle — the phenomenon widespread. People for 8 hours a day sitting at your Desk in the office and in the evenings relax in front of the TV or computer. Such a lifestyle inevitably leads to health problems. Diseases caused by physical inactivity, it is easier to prevent than to cure. The only prevention of physical inactivity — physical activity. You can use any exercise. You can go Jogging — this is one of the most accessible types of physical activity. Enough 2-3 running sessions a week to maintain the body in good shape.

Why treadmills for exercise?

Jogging has many advantages:

  • Running improves health, promotes weight loss, increases endurance.
  • While Jogging, the body is actively saturated with oxygen. And oxygen is the most important participant of the processes of life. It is needed by the cells for energy, synthesis of some compounds neutralize harmful substances. Jogging outdoors is much more useful than training in a stuffy room.
  • Jogging tones up, gives energy, increases efficiency.
  • Running improves the mood, strengthens the nervous system, helps to cope with stress. Jogging suit, as a rule, in a scenic and peaceful places: in parks, squares, forest parks. Beautiful views, nature sounds, no city noises — all this affects the psyche soothingly. Any physical activity, including Jogging, helps to release into the blood of endorphins — “hormones of joy”.
  • Jogging and running exercises that are performed in the fresh air, help to avoid deficiency of vitamin D. This vitamin is formed in skin exposed to solar rays. Its main role in the body — mineralization of bone tissue, maintenance of bone strength. To get the daily requirement of vitamin D, a person needs to be in the sun for 15-20 minutes.
  • Jogging does not require large financial investments. Don’t have to buy a subscription to a fitness club or buy exercise equipment. Enough to buy a pair of running shoes and sportswear. It is also advisable to get a heart rate monitor to track your heart rate.
  • With all its advantages, running is a traumatic experience. To minimize the risk of injury and reduce the shock load on the leg joints and spine, you need to follow proper running technique, use of quality Jogging shoes and more often choose for training are not asphalt and concrete, and the softer surface: dirt track Park, a running track stadium with artificial turf. You can’t run through sharp, stabbing pain in my ankle or knee joint. It can indicate serious injury, especially if there is swelling. When such symptoms should see a doctor.

    How to run: tips for beginners

    The following recommendations will help the novice runner to get the maximum benefit from your training, without harming their health.

  • Before every run must exercise. Complex warm-up exercises may include twists, bends, squats, running in place with high lifting hips, various stretching.
  • The running pace should increase gradually. Better to start with a fast walk, then go to quiet running alternating with walking.
  • While running, you need to avoid unnecessary movements of the body. To make it easier to keep the torso stationary, it is necessary to direct the gaze forward. The body should be slightly tilted. Not stooped and lifting the shoulders. Following these rules will help maintain the health of the spine.
  • Hands bend at the elbows to a right angle. They should not be stretched.
  • You should breathe only through the nose. If you can’t breathe properly, you need to slow down.
  • Fitness program is made individually. Beginners new to Jogging, you should start with the minimum load level.

    Pain while running

    Pain while running are the norm for beginners. The pain may appear in his side, knees, shins. If during the run abruptly contracted right or left side, you need to stop. Usually after you stop pain quickly pass. You can gently massage the sore spot, take a few deep breaths. To avoid pain in your side, you need to start training with warm-up exercises, increase the load gradually, to monitor the posture and breathing, not to run on a full stomach.

    Fitness program for beginners

    It is advisable to do Jogging 3-4 times a week. Better if between the closest training will be 1 day of rest. At first, the need to alternate walking with light Jogging. Strengthening the respiratory system breaks walking you need to do more and more short, and finally move to the full 20-minute Jogging. Typically, this preparatory step takes 2-2. 5 months. A sample fitness program for beginners:

    • first week: run 1 min, walk 2 min, for a total of 21 min.
    • second week: run 2 min, walk 2 min, for a total of 20 min.
    • third week: run 3 min, walk 2 min, for a total of 20 min.
    • fourth week: run 5 min, walk 2 min, for a total of 21 min.
    • fifth week: run 6 min, walk 1 min, total 20 min
    • sixth week: run 8 min, walk 1 min, for a total of 18 min.
    • seventh week: run 10 min, walk 1 min, total of 22 min.
    • eighth week: run 12 min, walk 1 min, for a total of 21 min.
    • ninth week: run 15 min, walk 1 min, for a total of 21 min.
    • tenth week: run 20 min.

    The beginner need not only to design a fitness program, but also to make a convenient training schedule. Jogging is better at the same time. It may be morning and evening. Here much depends on is the person a “night owl” or “lark.” If the run planned for the morning, need to get up no later than an hour before her to get me some Breakfast. If running exercises are performed in the evening, proceed to have him 2 hours after dinner and no later than 2 hours before bedtime. Training is best done through the day.

    Running for weight loss

    If the target is running exercises — losing weight, very important consistency. Jogging need not less than three times a week, preferably daily. Need to run periodically to increase speed. To start training you need with walking, then move on to Jogging at a relaxed pace, then rapidly accelerate again to reset the tempo. These intervals are “Jogging” and “speed skating at full strength” we need to alternate for 30 minutes. Cross-country training, conducted at different times of day, different effect on the body. Losing weight proceeds successful if runs occur in the evenings. Morning and afternoon running more promote muscle development, strengthening the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems.

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