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Running exercises for speed: the regulation of physical activity

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Running exercises for speed: the regulation of physical activity

The contents

  • Run: guidelines for exercise
  • Fast running: the technique of physical exertion
  • Exercise and running time

Basic movement skills — walking and running — people learn in early childhood. However, most of us lose their spontaneity and less likely to think about running. But this simple exercise helps to maintain good physical shape and stamina of the body almost effortlessly. Even greater difficulty arises with fast running, when it is necessary to observe rhythmic breathing and correct position of all parts of the body.

To learn to perform this exercise, you should have patience, to carefully prepare for the training and engage on a regular basis. If there is any disease, especially cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, it is necessary to obtain a doctor’s permission for Jogging.

Run: guidelines for exercise

Before running, you should consider the main recommendations of specialists:

  • it is better to choose a distance on rough terrain than paved;
  • it is not recommended to run around the roads, not to poison the body of harmful exhaust;
  • it is not necessary to give the body maximum load: workouts should begin with light Jogging for a short distance;
  • at each subsequent session, you can increase the distance travelled by about 10%;
  • between food intake and exercise must be at least 2-3 hours;
  • to choose classes to accommodate your rhythm of life: it is not necessary to run only in the morning;
  • it is necessary to constantly monitor the breath, and if it strays, to reduce the rate of exercise;
  • need to constantly, in small portions to drink clean water to prevent dehydration.

It is also important to draw up a training regime. You can start with physical activity 2-3 times a week, gradually moving to daily Jogging. Before exercise you need to warm up the muscles and stretch the ligaments by doing a small workout. And, after the class, you must practice the hitch, and to ensure that the body to fully recovery period.

Fast running: the technique of physical exertion

Proper technique fast running perfected over the centuries, beginning with the first Olympic competitions in ancient Greece. Her goal is not only to quickly overcome the necessary distance, but also to avoid potential injuries. Therefore, to the physical strain brought exclusively favor, you need to follow the given position of the body, to monitor breathing and perform the correct steps.

  • The position of the hands and body.

First you need to relax and a little lower down the shoulders. Then just strain the abdominal muscles to provide the necessary balance of the body, and bend your elbows at a right angle. Look straight ahead. While driving to try to minimize the vertical vibrations as they negatively affect the speed.

  • Breath.

Proper breathing will allow you to get the right amount of oxygen during exercise and successfully overcome even the longest distances. This should breathe predominantly nose. If these difficulties arise, it is allowed to combine the breath with your nose and mouth. You need to make sure that the rhythm was regular and constant. The optimum respiratory rate is determined individually. Some specialists recommend to perform one breathing cycle — inhale and exhale — for every couple of steps. The breathing should be deep and executed by the abdominal muscles and not the chest.

  • Steps.

During exercise, the foot should gently touch the surface, quickly heel to the widest part of the foot. Otherwise, the impact load on the knee joints increases many times. Experienced athletes notice that when sprinting, the optimum step rate of 180 per minute.

Exercise and running time

Depending on distance traveled, running is divided into several types — sprint, middle distance and marathon.

  • Sprint — 100-400 meters.

This physical exercise requires a great pumped leg muscles, so you need to focus on jumping and strength exercises:

  • To perform jumping onto the support with both feet (eventually you can work only with one foot).
  • To work with the weights. To take up any available weighting (dumbbells, weight or neck of the bar), sit deep, and then sharply jump up.
  • To make Jogging in place with zahlest tibia, with maximum lifting knees.
  • While running, you need to monitor the position of the shoulders — they should not rise. The fingers gripping into fists too, is not: enough light gathering of the phalanges together.

    • Distance average distance — 800-2000 meters.

    For such running requires not only speed and strength, but also endurance. As a quick run exhausting, to properly allocate their strength, not to quit prematurely. To develop endurance will help long hikes and refusal to use transport or a lift in everyday life. Also good exercise are regular 20 minute Jogging uphill or on hilly terrain. When you race at such a distance it is especially important to follow proper posture.

    • Marathon 3000 meters and more.

    Many people who regularly perform a variety of exercises, more slopes to cross-country training for long distances, overcoming each lesson is 10 to 20 kilometres and more. Such physical activity is available only after a long and high-quality preparation. A man leading a sedentary life, even cover this distance at a normal pace is not always a virtue.

  • While driving you need to follow the correct formulation of the foot, excluding the landing only on the heel or the toe.
  • By the time push the limb should have time to straighten up.
  • You can’t bend over too much: the case is recommended to be kept almost straight and look ahead.
  • The hands need to move in time to run, keeping a constant rhythm, and small amplitude.
  • The breath should remain uniform throughout the course.
  • To overcome the large distances necessary to train all the muscles of the body, developing strength and endurance. A perfect lesson should consist of smooth parts of the journey and the UPS with the downs.

    Complex of exercises for improvement of technique of fast running:

    • High knee.

    Bounce, alternately highly lifting knees up. The item strengthens the quadriceps and podvzdoshnoj-lumbar belt.

    • Jumping.

    While running intensively to push off the working foot, moving jumps. Exercise strengthens all the muscles of the legs.

    • Spring on the toes.

    To take a flat stand with your legs shoulder width shoulder joints. With a deep exhale tiptoe, with maximum straining of the calves. With the in-breath return to the starting position. This exercise develops basic endurance and teaches you to reduce the stress on the joints.

    • Heels above.

    To perform running in place, trying to touch your heels buttocks. This will help to strengthen the muscles back of the thighs and coached a production stop.

    • Jumps with changing feet.

    Make the position as running — one foot slightly in front, arms bent. Jump up, simultaneously changing feet in some places. Hands imitate the movements while running. The element is working the thighs, calves and buttocks.

    These exercises will allow you to get ready to run fast and make a successful transition to primary training.

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